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Most Ugly Aircraft

If it's wokkas then the Bristol Belvedere ....

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Can you make it a bit longer, and maybe put some little wings on the back, oh, and make the front landing gear longer [so we can get a torpwdo underneath as requested by the navy that never used the thing...]
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Oh, and make a bulge on one side of the fuselage so that the pilot can squeeze past the front engine to get to the cabin...

The troops can climb the 4' to get in and we'll give the pilots a 7' ladder so they can get in and out.

The only word for this wokka is ... KLUDGE.
Does anyone know (remember really) if they actually Wokka'd like a Chinook? ISTR that the noise is distinctive because of the interaction between the fore and aft rotors.

Gabion Groyne

Blackburn Blackburd

Blackburn Blackburd aircraft side.jpg

Blackburn Blackburd | BAE Systems | International

Blackburn Blackburd | BAE Systems | International
Just what were they thinking? After the Bristol M1 of WWI things just stagnated and then went downhill as this gargoyle shows. I dare say the Air Ministry didn't help, but between 1918 and about 1936 aviation design didn't exactly progress from two wings and a peashooter front and back.
When I lived in Luton in the mid-80s a Twin Pin was a regular departure from the airport when I was playing golf, going, I think, to the Isle of Wight? It lumbered out, the Alvis Leonides sounding like a sack of spanner’s being thrown down a set of stairs. The Old Man flew the single Pin in SOAF in the early 60s (I have mentioned this elsewhere) designed around the SA test pilot, who was 6’ 5”. Everything in the cockpit was out of reach for The Old Man, who, at 5’ 10” was taller than average for the time - he found the Hornet, Vampire and Venom a bit of a tight fit.


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Ladies and Gents I give you the Besson H5 flying boat (well I don't want it).


And yes, it really does have four sets of wings.


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On a similar theme, the Supermarine Nighthawk:


And, looking like something out of a Biggles nightmare:
The Armstrong Whitworth FK.10


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