Most Ugly Aircraft


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We've seen and loved the Most Beautiful Aircraft thread. Now as Ying and Yang, let's see the ones that make you look away before your eyes are damaged beyond repair.

I'll start with this thing, the T-28 Fennec, taken yesterday at the final RAF Leuchars Airshow:

RAF Leuchars 2013 999.jpg
RAF Leuchars 2013 1004.jpg
RAF Leuchars 2013 1005.jpg


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This?: Airbus_Beluga_fcm.jpg

Not beautiful, granted. But it's curvy and not as hideous as that stumpy thing I posted.
Wasn't there a four engined job by designed for the navy pre-war called, I think, the 'Fleet shadower'? I recall a photo of that and it didn't look very lovely.


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Two candidates from the past - the Fairey Barracuda designed by a committee and the Short Skyvan which an American once remarked to me 'looks like the box it came in'.
I think if there was a Constructor's Champion for ugly aircraft it would probably be won by Blohm und Voss.


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Beverly. Bugger, that brings back memories. Not good ones. Flew from Singapore to kuching on one of those. Well, part way, engines started to fail and we had to return as plane unable to ditch in sea. Made a hairy emergency landing at Changhi.

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Two from the Blackburn stable: the Blackburd and the Blackburn - one designed to ditch (and a total nail) and the other comparatively successful... despite its looks.
Blohm & Voss BV 141 bv141_flug.jpg

Think they lost half of it :)

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