Most Strict/Relaxed Regiment/Battalion

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by JoeyDeacon, Mar 2, 2013.

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  1. Fuck off and die.

    You cunt
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  2. Horizontal Lancers (The Royal StandBacks )


  3. Your mouth is a B&B for penis.
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  4. 22 run a Chinese restaurant - just outside Hereford. Don't order a 55 with extra chilli if you know what's good for you.
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  5. Is it a free day at the Institute for Failed Journos? Has the Guardian offered an intern job to the most bone article they can come up with? Are they pissed off because they have been beaten to the biggest story of the day which is dominating the headlines that Her Maj has a touch of the Royal squits?
  6. There you go, first post and Guards and SAS both mentioned. I don't think anyone, not even the SAS, address their COs as 'Mate', if they have any form of career progression, other than 'RTU', in mind.

    Obviously, judging by the amount of really bone posts appearing, somewhere in Journo Land, budgets have to be used up before April 6 and a quick 'fishing trip' to the drunks on ARRSe has been adjudged the most likely route to a scoop.

    Now, I'm just going to re-arrange my ear collection and check how my 'liberated' gold bullion is doing....
  7. In my lot years ago..the SSM used to make us form lines and stand to attention whilst he stared at you checking your boots and haircut and things, before we spent the rest of the day hiding around the MT lines, it was hell.
  8. ......and on exercise our Instructors would make us line up in three ranks and do that 'Space Invader' thang whilst chucking full water bottles at was Hell, Man.. you had to BE there.....
  9. Did you never play "kill a crow" at Pirbright?
  10. I smell walt! What colour are the chopsticks?
  11. I think nowadays, it is probably appropriate bearing in mind some of the 'instructional' and 'character building' techniques used in the 80s, to plead the 5th Amendment.
  12. Right! We had to get up at 05:30 o'clock hours, half an hour before we went to bed. The SSM would shoot us with an SLR, unless we were on light duties when he used an SMG. If any of us got blood on our uniforms we were shot some more. We had to crawl over broken glass to the cook house where we watched the ruperts eat our breakfast before they made us run up and down hills until teatime.

    We then watched them eat our tea before we were sliced in two with a breadknife and buried at sea.

    Of course we were TA, I believe the regulars had it rough.
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  13. I liked the game where they'd run into the room in the middle of the night a beat one of the blokes to death with a sandbag full of oranges.
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