Most Spectacular Breakdown?

Discussion in 'RAC' started by StumpyHussar, Jan 12, 2006.

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  1. Mine was in Canada on one of the machine gun battle runs you do at the start of the exercise. Bombed-up with 7.62 and motoring down to the start line we were going down this hill towards the start line and all of a sudden everything died. Everything even the IC in the tank couldnt talk to anyone main engine dead just the genny tootling away. We ground to a halt on the prairie and when the REME arrived they made a lot of sucking tutt-tutt noises. It turned out that there was a spent round from the previous battle group which had stuck iin the RBJ. For those who don't know the RBJ is the Rotary Base Junction-box and passes power from the hull to the turret. The case had been flattened and passed between the contacts so it couldn't go round anymore. It ripped itself to pieces and tore the thing to bits. We thought we were in for at least a day in Camp Crowfoot but the LAD changed it in a few hours (b@stards) and we were back on the road by the next day.

    What was yours?
  2. My God StumpyH you do live life on the edge.
  3. Many thanks've managed to cure my insomnia zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  4. Suppose you needed to be there really.

    Noticed you haven't anything constructive to add yourself though w@nker.
  5. I try to save constructive posts for constructive threads, which your isn't. Hence a passive retort aimed at humour, but obviously missing.

    Editted to add...I could have called you a foul name ,such as cnut or t osser but I don't need to lower myself.
  6. Any other dittys to regale us with stump? premature closing hatch/overboiling BV etc?
    Anything to make these long cold winter nights pass quicker :lol:
  7. I made a up of tea and slightly over-filled it! I nearly spilt it leading to third degree burns on the back of my hand and a really big clumsy bandage that pevented me going back to work for six weeks.

    But fortuantely the tea was only lukewarm and I slurped a little from the edge before I picked it up and the day was saved!

    come back later for more tales of derring do!
  8. I had a flat tyre and had to change the wheel once. The thing is, we didn't actually have a torque wrench with us so had to just tighten the wheel nuts up as far as they would go! Well a few times really, but I don't want to over excite stumpy.
  9. In a thunderstorm once I had a windscreen wiper come off one minute splish splosh next splish but no splosh, very exciting
  10. That's a coincidence. I had a breakdown on the M3 in a thunderstorm. Got a tow home from the AA.
  11. Weird a bit like the twilight zone tinfoil hat time I think
  12. Knew it was a mistake to bite :roll:

    Go on then keep going some of this is entertaining at least.

  13. Just go with the flow mate and wait till some one tries to sell a car there are great,have a look in the classifieds
  14. I nearly had a nervous Breakdown when the garage told me how much my yearly service was going to cost.

    Does that qualify ???
  15. Agreed - luckily mines sold now. Not from ARRSE though i hasten to add! :lol:

    I did lose a lumi colour in my turret ring on exercise in BATUS last year. Found it again minus the lid.

    Christ that story has gone down in Regimental history. How we laughed. Crazy...