Most spectacular bogging - a Recy Mechs dream!!

Come on lads we've all been there, nothing to be ashamed of. Back in the early 80s on an FTX in the Luneberg area, ended up bogged for nearly 5 days because our close Recce Tp told us a track through a wood was suitable for MBT- NOT. There unit name will not get a mention but they had Geordie accents and kept singing Rerrrzer Blaerdes and Baerrcon Roerlles doo da doo da deay!! To cut a long story short there were 2 Chieftains bellied on muddy track, which ended up being pulled out by Div Recovery. In the form of to ancient Cents and an even older Recy Mech by the name of 'Henry'. The highlight of the incident was the urine up in a local bar, in the village of 'Oldendorf', IIRC a locals house ended up being ransacked and a certain member of the troop (oh oh oh s**g her arse) put on a wig to please or was it satisfy the owner.

Does this jog anyones memory out there?
Ex Stag the Fatherland, tail end of 84....around 10 tanks/afv's of various capbadges bogged in around a 2km area for a few weeks(i kid you not 8O ) a few were even out over chrimbo...arv's got bogged in trying to pull others out.. :lol:
Catterick 87 Chieftain planted firmly on it's turret with a banking either side just to make it easy. It broke all the cent arrvs and was finally rescued by A sqn SSM ramming it persistently with a D6 bulldozer
Ex StagRat. I was driving an umpire veh on that one and watched the whole sorry affair unfold. It was our mates in the camp next door (MIB) that suffered most from this; if I remember correctly they ended up sinking 9 CR1 in one field, and it was a combined effort of REME and RE that got them out in the end. Last one was recovered in mid Jan.
Heh Soprano I think that I remember the incident that you are referring to, there can only be on Oh Oh sh*g her A**!!!). It was on a disused railway embankment near Oldendorf, which I think was near Celle. 2 Tp (minus the Tp Sgt, A**y F**e who was broken down somewhere ), A Sqn 3RTR……Ex Eternal Triangle I think?

The Troop Leader, Paul J****b was lying to the Sqn Leader (Rod B******), where we were, so kept the fact that we were bogged quiet for some while!

I remember the Sqn ARV tipping up and the Recce Mech (Ginge (?)) laughed his b******s off. He told us that there was no hope of him doing a recovery job so he would pass it up through the LAD to get FRG assistance, which might take a few days. Armed with that information I remember putting our ‘best’ black coveralls on, some of Gerald’s Brut 33 to attract the birds and keep the mossies away, and with the Troop Leaders cigars and wallet of we went to the village, leaving 2 nigs on guard duty!

On entering the village, Oldendorf, we went into a restaurant and the troop cleaned their boots on a shoe shine thing with 2 buffer wheels on it leaving a line of mud up the wall! The Welsh one also had a dump and left his scheme skiddies on the cistern!

As we were eating our meal, a German guy, fairly old came over and started going on about the Panzer Corps, must have been the black coveralls and I recall him getting his wallet out and buying drinks all round. He also had a picture of himself stood next to a Panzer 3 in the Desert At one stage the German was walking around with Will W******s coveralls on whilst Will was wearing the Germans jacket and hat and calling every body Dumpkofts! (He also bought another round of drinks with matey’s money as he had left his wallet in his jacket!

After getting the Troop Leader to settle the final bill, we went into a disco next door , frightened all of the local birds off, got really hammered with the German guy. He then invited us back to his gaff for more ale, and it transpired he was a Poultry Farmer, so he volunteered to boil some eggs using his Ronco Egg Boiler for supper. It was while he was making our supper that:

The Troop Leader took the opportunity to use his phone to ring his bird in the UK

Somebody drew a moustache on the guys Kevin Keegan poster in his bedroom (Keegan was
playing for Hamburg at the time)

Somebody threw the Germans darts into the ceiling

The deep freezer was ransacked, as was the vegetable rack (the contents were put into a box outside the door)

At this stage, the troop leader brought an end to proceedings, he had just finished his dirty phone call to his bird, and we all left, with Heinrich still buttering bread to go with the boiled eggs!!

As we were running down the road giggling like school kids, it was noted that the welsh one was missing, so I ran back to get him. That’s when he was sat with his arm around a very drunk German, wearing a wig and smoking a large cigar!!

The following day, breakfast was actually fit for a king, as we had fresh rations, all from the Germans freezer!!

I recall during the day we were visited by a number of people, including a twat of a German who was going to go and get his horse to pull us out, umpteen senior REME officers and some engineers who were talking about flying hardcore in to build some sort of road to get us out and eventually Henry the Div Recce Mech and is Cent ARV, both Circa 1938!

He decided that the only way to get us out was to bog his ARV behind us, at a bit of an angle, and to avoid the tanks sliding down the fairly steep embankment, cut trees down and pull us through the wood, after he had cut down some trees. In order to ensure that he cut the right trees down he tied some bailing twine to the front of the ARV, and the other end to the rear bollard of one of the tanks. As he was doing this Albert C**P, who was lying in his sleeping bag on the back decks lent over and said to Henry “ You will never pull it out with that!”. Henry lost it stood up straight and promptly knocked himself out on the bracket that held the spare track links on….He was livid!!

Anyway they eventually pulled us out and we rejoined the Sqn who were miles away at this stage after a fairly long move on the back of a tank transporter.

As an afterthought, nobody believes this story when I tell it!

I should have known it was going to be a sh*te day when the ground started to rise up to meet me in the cupola. Thought I could extract myself by getting the driver to continue forward with a little left tiller to steer us back to the harder ground. Nahhh.....terror firma was having none of it.....hence my very pished off look. The ARV that came to get me also got bogged not far behind. Somebody decided to bring in another ARV which remaining on the harder ground connected to the first ARV which in turn was connected to me. For the next hour or was pulling the other which in turn was pulling worked and I was very grateful to the Recy Mechs for their hard work as this was the last day of the exercise and I have visions of being there several days whilst the rest of the Regt had low loaded back to Detmold.......
Fond Memories............. :D
Trelawney hello mate! Thats a 'blast from the past'! As I also recall didn't 'Henry' the fossil of a Recy Mech fancy taking up flying helicopters, after the DEME paid us a visit in a Gazelle, then said in the same breath it was a bit to automatic for him, he again blew his top when you said that the heli didn't actually have a crash gearbox!! The other poeple there as I remember were 'Danny Big Bird', 'Doc Doc the Oatmeal Block' and Smithy' - (thank f**k my names not Buck*****m or I would'nt be able to spell it) what a legend he was eh. After we were recovered we had to go through Oldendorf so we closed down, just in case the locals recognised us.
I also remember sticking a thunderflash up a frozen chickens ass, when it went off a leg arced through the air and hit Danny Big Bird on the shoulder....he was carrying umpteen brews at the time on a cardboard box, the bottom of a crate of becks I suspect!

The brews went everywhere so Gerald thumped him!
We had a surprise one day somewhere near Imber Valley. We were driving along a well established track when the ground
just opened up and swallowed the panzer, right up to the catwalks. It must have been a sinkhole or dewpond.

Bluebell came along in a Chieftain ARV and had no luck either with towing or with the winch. Then one of the recovery guys decided
to use the new stretchy tow-ropes. We fitted the on (no crossover) and they pulled away as fast as they could until the ropes
stretched and the ARV came to a complete standstill. (we of course had retired to a safe distance). Just as we thought it wouldn't
work, the panzer almost jumped out of the hole and was returned to solid ground.

Ain't science wunnerful?
RedLeg_1011 said:
Ex StagRat. I was driving an umpire veh on that one and watched the whole sorry affair unfold. It was our mates in the camp next door (MIB) that suffered most from this; if I remember correctly they ended up sinking 9 CR1 in one field, and it was a combined effort of REME and RE that got them out in the end. Last one was recovered in mid Jan.

Yerrss, remember that one. We (Sappers) used up about 9 years' worth of hardcore (stop sniggering - NOT that kind) in 4 weeks. We were quite tired at the end, mostly from non stop laughing.
Well, it was funny - come on, it always is when it's not you in the sh1t.
We suggested to all the units who "lost" Trackshacks that they should have a Plimsoll Line as a TAC Sign.
BATUS and it was my turn to draw the crap tank, spent most of Med Man trying to catch up the Squadron. There we were after another pack lift in the middle of no were, spent so long we were actually sinking into the ground after testing everything REME pointed out that do not steer until you are clear of this crap otherwise!!!!, off they went and we carried on packing up in our own time, then the great moment arrived, briefed my driver then asked if he understood yes he says, should have set alarm bells ringing as it was probably the first time he had understood anything, so all mounted I give the immortal words advance low gear and DONT touch the bloody sticks or change up. Yes you gussed roars away trys to kick up pulls the sticks and we di our impression of Titanic, my loader told me he had never seen anyone leave the cupola and land on drivers head in one swift moment Cnut he was, well we tried everything but in the end had to be recovered a day later.

What a wonderful photo! Chieftain Mk 5? fitted with SIMFIRE and Larkspur! And a typical parka from the period! Quite made my day :lol:

That must have been one of the few days when Simfire was actually fitted to a vehicle!


heres one for u all, Warminster, A Sqn 1RTR just after foot and mouth

and here's the Recce Mech doing what he does best! Get those Chiefy/Chally adapters on!! :D
Looks like a dewpond to me. That's more or less the same thing that happened to us - we just thought it was a puddle on the track.
tankieboy said:
Good photos.
it actually looks more impressive than it was, it came out on a straight pull at just 20Ton. i actually have pics of it coming out but ill have to put them on my pc.

best thing was seeing the recce mech and the crew up to thier nuts in mud!! character building stuff!
That is one bogged in Challie!

I managed to chuck two tracks simultaniously whilst hurtling downhill in my 432. Soltau sometime last century. Not long after lobbing both tracks, I realised that;

1. I had no steering
2. I had no brakes
(Remember thinking to myself as the rest of the platoon went whizzing by that this was not a brilliant design and GKN should have fitted some sort of anchor)

I reminded the commander of this as he was shouting 'STOP, STOP, you've thrown the tracks, push the dead mans pedal!!!!!!'

I think I said something along the lines of 'thats as much use as a breasts on a Halibut'.

I ended up in the boggiest part of a feck off big hole. It must have looked like a 15 ton version of the log flume at Alton Towers. The blokes in the back on feeling the wagon come to an abrupt halt debused as usual and cracked on with the platoon attack oblivious to the major emergency I was undergoing. Apart from when jumping out, they were 4' deep in shite smelling mud and had to swim to the objective. The whole front was underwater so I elected to abandon ship. Looked up the hill to see a pair of really fcuked tracks all bent and twisted like those little plastic snakes you used ot have as a toy. Recy Mechs tipped up a bit later and suggested we just chuck petrol on it. I have no idea how they got it out because I had to 'go elsewhere'. Ie, I fecked off and left them to it.

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