Most soldiers unhappy with service life

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Proximo, Nov 5, 2005.

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  1. From the Grauniad:

    I think this is the first time I've seen such an in-depth assessment performed on CAS output in a purely civilian medium - well done to Richard N-T. :D
  2. That is a very close to the bone report, which the MOD should digest and act on for once.

    I agree with the majority of what it says apart from job satisfaction. I must admit that I am one of the few who are enjoying their job(less the Chinese rocket attacks). Equipment wise, it hits it right on the head, we all know that the stuff we buy ourselves is for operations and issue kit is for exercise.
    As for accommodation, that is a joke of the highest order. Mess and single soldier accommodation is being slowly sorted out and upgraded in a few places but the married quarters are beyond belief.
    I know you should not harp on about personal circumstances but this takes the biscuit, I am out in Al-Amarah at the moment, and back in the UK my family is having to move house because it is unfit to live in (that’s the actual reason for moving by DHE) yet, they want a full house clean and carpets shampooed because that’s the rules. Even though the house has to be gutted once the family is out. Nice to know our families are being looked after when we are on OP tours. (NOT)
    Someone somewhere has to make changes before all the disillusioned get out compounding the problem of manning. Even the people who are happy will leave eventually if nothing changes to fix the things that are known to be wrong.
  3. Good to see, like you said Darth, but how much 'useful' notice will actually be paid to this?

    There'll be some token visit by Bliar, or one of his cronies to some service establishment.
    More than likely be HM Naval Base Clyde, where they've got lovely new shiny
    accomodation. When the politician is there, they'll say something like,
    'This new initiative shows that we take our soldier's welfare VERY seriously.. etc'

    Then, the media appeased, they'll slink back to London, and enjoy a meal of
    kitten livers and caviar.

    Ok, so maybe I made the caviar bit up.
  4. msr

    msr LE

    Tell me this isn't actually true?

  5. I wish I could say that I was joking, but no, its gospel. I am livid about it but I am out here and cannot get hold of the right people on the dog and bone.

    Thought the wife was joking when she told me, I actually chuckled and went " Yer - Right". Whats even better, they were going to replace the carpets BEFORE I moved in, but said not to as I have a pet.

    It’s a joke, but the DHE will not be laughing when I get back. As if being on tour is not stressful enough!

  6. Are you joking? It has always been so. I remember my WO in BAOR being charged for a small scratch on the surface of a table shortly before the table was thrown onto a heap of old wood which was then burned. Aldershot: charges for burns in carpets which had been charged for on every marchout over the past ten years.... You can't make this sort of thing up, believe me. Unfortunately, the sort of people in charge (sorry about that word) of these organisations are the sort who should be put in command of a traffic barrier, with strict instructions to follow the written orders and not to make any decisions.
  7. its about time some actually took notice of what we say instead of just palming us off with a new set of bio/fungus free set of underwear.The accom situation has been a farce for years, SLA being some of the worse. our lot have Z type all singing all dancing, but there is no "common" room where all the lads can get together and have a piss up. All the new lads just lock themsleves in thier rooms and plug in to a playstation till first parade. we try and get them out but they are happy doing that.

    As for the quarters, i cna well belive some of the things said on here. the Quarter handback is bad enough with out some ex failed hitler youth lording it over you. The DHE and the army should at least move into the 21st century,you should be able to walk out of your house /flat leaving clean and tidy with the DHE sending in a team of cleaners to sort any problems out. There would still be a handover of sorts but nt a stand by your beds one this would be helpful if husnabds/wives are away on tour.

    I bet if we were all black lesbian single vegitarian mums, they would br throwing money at us, or am i just being to cynical again.
  8. Soldiers today, don't know they're born. When I joined up it was tough-

    Oh no! I've become... me Dad!
  9.'s actually far worse.

    Some ARRSErs may have heard of Lydd Village. They may also be aware that the structures were part of an old married patch. However, with the wholesale transfer of the Defence Housing Estate to Annington Homes (to create a slush fund for Portillo - but that's a different story), the MoD are now in the invidious position of having to restore Lydd Village back to its original state i.e. before it was used by a generation of soldiers for NITAT training before they can hand it over to Annington Homes.

    Even more galling is that Annington have already said they are going to knock the whole place flat and start again.

    Joined-up government, eh? :D
  10. Bowman_guru, get on the phone direct to your welfare officer and tell him to sort it out. He can deal direct with the local head of DHE, your missis and you dont need this. Or mention it to your OC. That is what the bloke is on rear party for...
  11. probably yet another reason why recruitment down, it is possible ex squaddies go out and tell their friends and families about it, its human nature to moan over a pint, if asked by a potential squaddies they may get the full monty.

    i have spoken to a few squaddies and ex squaddies, they have said things along those lines.
  12. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Have we forgotten the MoD have to be effected by these findings.

    The will behave as they have for 300 years-

    A MoD spokesman replied, "BOTHERED!"
  13. Here is the link to the actual CAS report (Part 2) which lists the responses of those who took part.

    Of particular interest are those facts pertaining to prior TA or Cadet service, and those metrics discussing subjective opinions of various aspects of life in the workplace.
  14. msr

    msr LE


    That's a staggering percentage coming from the TA. Can these figures be extrapolated across the entire army?