Most shaggable female in a war movie?

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by mucus, Jul 15, 2007.

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  1. Im torn between the one in Jarhead, or the mute in Force Ten To Navarone.

    Who does it for you?
  2. Was Barb Wire a war movie?
  3. .. something pitt.. in where eagles dare...mmm i almost damm froze to death in there,,, ...
  4. The slutty gwa in starship troopers.
  5. Me. Me. please.

    Never been in a movie but was in a documentary on the beeb -does that count??
  6. not sure ,, we need to see the film proof first,,,

  7. Ohhh, naughty.

    Cant beat a good gwar!

  8. Spoilsport
  9. Sylvia Sims - Ice cold in Alex
  10. Sister Diana Murdoch in Ice Cold In Alex (Sylvia Syms)
  11. The nearly slanty eyed one in Tears of the Sun.
  12. Rachel Weisz in 'Enemy at the Gates'! :wink:
  13. Good Call!
  14. "Seen!!!"

    I'd like to suppress her in depth positions.

    "i'll get my Osprey and call in a Lynx"