Most self indulgent arrser!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by boney_m, Jun 11, 2006.

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  1. And my vote for the "I've got my head rammed so far up my own arrse i'm currently digesting my snout" award goes to soroban.

    Whilst known by another name here, soroban is on rear party and heres a link to his wiki page clicky

    Whilst i'm first to give anyone a little slack for bigging themselves up on the wiki - this is fcuking unforgiveable

    Now, we all know that MDN's ego is legendary, but i've never seen a website devoted to blowing smoke up his arrse. Is there a bigger ego than sorobans out there?
  2. Shite i want one of those, no way i could get that changed and my name put in it lol?

  3. Abacus.
  4. I concur, Soroban is definitely a candidate for having a petrol-soaked tyre wedged over his shoulders and then set alight.
  5. He probably posts because his missus is a moose. Probably.
  6. Could someone explain the whole website thing to me, because i'm a little lost. Do people create pages like that thinking "wow, thats impressive, people are going to want to get to know me now!!".

    It doesnt work like that, joe public look at pages like that and think "jesus, what a cnut". The entire concept of that page is lost on me.
  7. Speaking of unforgivable... :D
  8. Wow, its done it for me. You'll be beating them off with a stick.
  9. Boney, you old closet poof you. You should have told us.
  10. Cheers BFG, it was only a matter of time i suppose - i should have done it myself but i hate for you to waste you sunday. You know, i dont feel any better for having read that. Is it only Americans who can get something out of a site like that?
  11. Boney - with the sort of 'people' that would go for it, I'd rather nail my head to a safety board.

  12. Right. That's quite enough self-congratulation for one morning - any more and we'll be using tinternetchav-speak constructions like 'DH' and 'OH' every fcuking sentence...

    ...I hate the lot of ya!