Most Scariest Films?

Anyone got any idea what the most scariest films are? I am yet to see a movie which will make me brick one in my shiny white pants. I was laughing off The Exorcist when i was seven for feck sake.
Alien still a favourite with me
The worst part of any horror movie ever was when a pencil was rammed into that blokes ankle in Evil Dead, i still cringe now when i think about it.
The Ring. I won't even allow the DVD in my house. Watched it twice just to confirm I wasn't a raving up hill gardener. Turns out however, that I am.
Cacked myself watching Evil Dead 2 when I was a kid. Turns out to be one of the funniest films ever when I watched it later on in life.

I can't remember seeing a scary film since being a kid they just don't exist only films that make you jump.
Still remember being petrified at Salem's Lot, despite it being a "made for TV" job.

The first Nightmare on Elm Street was also an evil piece of work for a kid to watch first time round.

I watched "The Hills Have Eyes" (1977 version) recently and it is completely shiite. Not scary at all.
PoisonDwarf said:
Still remember being petrified at Salem's Lot, despite it being a "made for TV" job.
Yep remember that scaring the hell out of me when I was a nipper as well!

Same detail though watched it a few years ago and its toffee.
Not really a scary, but that scene in 'Misery' where Cathy Bates smashes his ankles with a sledgehammer just fcuks me over 8O
Films with similar endings as Godzilla where the good guys have won and the monster is dead.... but one egg survives and a baby Godzilla leg pops out... oh no! Look film making cnuts, you couldn't scare me once in 2 hours so that is hardly going to make me plop my pants.
Deffo Alien just for the fact its mostly tension and fcuk all happens most the time.
Just remembered 'The Thing' scared me to death watching as a kid. Read the book a while back and had to put it down one night as my mind got the better of me!
Witchboard and The Ring


I remember going to see the Exorcist at about age 13, and the cinema had nuns & priests outside trying to dissuade us from going in and sprinkling us with holy water. I think that made it seem much more scary & important than it was, and then all the rumours of subliminal messages etc, made me a bit spooked for a while.

Didn't do a lot for the 15-yr-old guy who'd taken me who obviously hadn't read the basic first date rules properly...
007: on her majesties secret service...damn you Lazenby and your kilt!!!!!!!! Scary for all the wrong reasons.

seriously though; "28 weeks later" freaked me out (as did 28 days later).
Visitor Q definitely wins the 'fucked up' stakes: incest, rape, murder, prostitution, domestic violence, dismemberment, disembowelment, necrophilia (complete with emptying of bowels and rigor mortis), excessive nipple milking, ...and hitting heads with rocks!
Though somehow that list doesn't seem to do the film any justice!
Salem's lot with proper production values would be very much in there.

The original Nosferatu is scary. Personally I've always thought Vampire films to be the best of the genre, not the SOE bloke hamming it up , but the edge of your seat 'behind you' type.

Mind you, I love a good scary ghost story.
I agree with PTP, Max Schreck in Nosferatu is still spooky, despite being a silent movie. There was a spin-off movie about Schreck based on rumours about his 'odd' behaviour, forgotten what it's called though.

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