Most residents think Jamaica ‘better off as a British colony,’ poll suggests

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by yank_eyetie, Jun 30, 2011.

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  1. Should one of us phone him then and let him know?
  2. Sixty

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    Tropper'll do it. He invented the phone you know. And Jamaica.
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  3. oh,right and theres me thinking britain was a jamaican colony.
  4. As sadly is the case with most of the colonies that were granted independence (except perhaps the US, but who knows what might have been).
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  5. Well, they'd be better off than the American colony they are now. All the main hotels are American owned with goods being flown in from the US and the money going straight back to the big companies in the States. The majority of hotels are all-inclusive so not much actually goes into the local economy. Armed guards patrol the "compounds" of the all-inclusive hotels with barbed wire fences both surrounding them and going out into the sea to stop the swimmers getting round. Even in the tourist spots like Montego Bay you are advised to only go to certain areas with an escort and not to venture out after dark. Many of the shops won't even take the Jamaican dollar and insist on US only, though they aren't that bothered when they give you your change, though. I bought something from a shop and handed over some US dollars and got 250 Jamaican dollars in change, about £2.
  6. it certainly seems that way
  7. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    piss poor really and shows that the founding fathers had as usual no interests but their own when they declared independance.

    what they should do is declare themselves a communist state, allied to cuba and venezuela nationalise the hotels and see what happens.
  8. After my last stay there I can honestly say I probably won't again. Out of all the places I've been Jamaica has been the one with the most abject poverty so evident everywhere. First off we must have been offered marijuana everywhere from the time we stepped out of the plane to pick up our luggage to the hotel and all points between and within. We stayed at one of the all inclusive resorts as well. We had the security guards ask us for meals because they don't get anywhere near the level of food we got, we took a plate of chicken to the poor guy living in the tin shack next to the resort almost every day. Really kills any kind of holiday mindset.

    To hear that Jamaica is well of compared to haiti is a scary thought but I don't think that it's ever really thought of as a US colony. Not too many americans I know of living there. I would argue that Cancun mexico is more a US colony than jamaica.
  9. Went on exercise it was a shit hole R&R one guy got stabbed and another got killed on moped. Even got robbed myself getting a blow job from a split link behind Burger Kings hard to watch your pockets when there round your ankles. Live and learn!
  10. They tried something akin to this circa 1979-1981. Didn't work out as they had hoped.
  11. Well the body count in Mexico would suggest that.