Most reliable piece of british kit - vehicles

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by BIPOLAR77, Jun 9, 2012.

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  1. Looking at youtube at various bits of kit I was wondering what we would classify as out most reliable bit of kit?

    The Germans have Leo2, adopted by most EU nations

    The Russians still using AK variants, some countries still using T34's

    Every unit I have been to no matter how the kit was maintained I can't for the life of me say, that wagon is perfect, any ideas or experiences?
  2. The MFO box trolley.
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  3. The single solitary ball bearing.
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  4. Maybe the Land Rover which has been used in one form or another for decades and has proved to be a reliable platform.
  5. Black nasty dispensers. Considering the beasting they get, it's a wonder they're not worn through.
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  6. The teabag.
  7. Excuse quite a few of us whilst we go snigger at the idea of reliable land rivers :)
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  8. CETs.
    Guaranteed to be in the workshop come exercise time. Never failed.
  9. But either rusts out or spends its time in the LAD, hence no QRF vehicles, unless you count a combi van
  10. Scout AH1.
  11. The Bedford MK was alright. I never had any problems with them. And they were much sturdier than the TMs.
    One lad even took out a tree with his and the tree came off worse!
  12. Right up to the moment it gets dragged into the hangar at 'Malfunction Junction', aka 71 Ac Wksp.
  13. Reliable, British, and Vehicle, in the same sentence? An Oxymoron surely.
  14. Morris Minor.
  15. What drugs are you on, hardly ever saw one that did not have a leaking head gasket. Brakes that put you through tithe windshield when cold and a gear stick that could not have been placed in a stranger place.