Most racist countries

my best mates from hong kong
he calls me a gwilo !!

Just to prove Hong Kong isn't racist this is toothpaste I bought here last year:

There used to be one called 'Darkie' with a cartoon of a smiling Guy Gibson canine on the front, but it's been renamed 'Darlie' (I think that one's Australian).

I saw some cheese in the supermarket the other day - it's called 'Coon' - I'll take a photo
I am definately not racist,I just don't like foreigners so I guess that I am Culturist (is that illegal yet?).
There's two things I hate - people who are intolerant of other people's cultures, and the Dutch.

When I was working in Dubai, some of my A-rab colleagues had a hatred for black people that bordered on the pathological. For some reason they seemed to hate African-Americans the most.

However, they were very nice to me.
So that's why Barry Soetaro isn't getting anywhere with them in spite of sharing their religion and doing an apology tour every few years... :?

Ugly Obozo.jpg
Any idea why POTUS seems to have an active dislike for the UK?
My personal guess is that he bought into the family myth that his grandfather on his paternal side was a guest of the English in the good old colony days. ;-) From what I heard though Barry's grandpappy was just a thieving squaddie who boosted some Government property and deserved the clubbing he got before he was kicked out of the Kings African Rifles. :p :p

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