Most racist countries

Some critics have questioned whether people in Western countries, where racism is so taboo, would be open about their intolerant views.
And Fisher suggested that maybe "Americans are conditioned by their education and media to keep these sorts of racial preferences private, i.e. to lie about them on surveys, in a way that Indians might not be"
This must certainly be the case.
Such is the taboo of openly stating any viewpoint publicly in the western world, that I doubt any credence can be taken from the figures in this survey. Just because someone knows that certain words or viewpoints aren't socially acceptable doesn't mean they aren't the viewpoints held. I mean even Australia is on the list as having a very low incidence of racism!... and that's not me being racist!

I would probably go so far as to suggest, that those in some western countries that did openly state that they wouldn't want foreign neighbours, were in fact new immigrants unaware of the social error with openly stating their views on the subject of race.
In racist b*stard white seffrica, I was always amazed at how intolerant the Indian communities were to the blacks, especially if the former employed the latter as servants.
I assume this would've been an anonymous questionnaire, not having the answers you put posted on your Facebook.
And if that was the case and I was being questioned, I wouldn't fudge my answers as that's what is considered politically correct, same would go with most people I know.
The main thing being it anonymous.


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Maybe the conclusion to be drawn is more along the lines of "Western countries really can't be arsed with 'research' aimed at labelling them as bigots".
Also, most people I know I wouldn't label a flat out racist.
They dislike things that other people from other races do when they emigrate, and some of the things they bring with them.
Also stereotype different cultures, which I don't necessarily think is a bad thing, as stereotypes are generally based on the truth, not just plucked out of thin air.

But I wouldn't say anyone I associate with is a racist, and hates any particular race of people just because they are from that race.
The most furious racist outburst I've ever heard was from a Nigerian Mohammedan attacking Pakistani Mohammedans who keep shops selling Halal food. Most of his claims and statements would be illegal to repeat, but one of the more memorable comments was that 'they wipe their cocks on the chicken'.


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Having been round the world a bit I find China the worst by a country mile. It's 1.3 Billion Prince Philips all gathered together without the same level of humour, tact and diplomacy. Even goes as far as the food - they won't touch any thing that isn't Chinese. Apparently Korea is similar according to my US friends that go over there.

Bolivia was the other one that stood out. Although that might be just Gringos that they couldn't stand of which I count as one.
Having spent 13 years growing up in Hong Kong, my observation is that they're not necessarily that much more racist than other cultures, but they definitely are much more brutally honest about what they think.


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It is the ancient practice of the English to look down on everyone else. Starting with Frogs.

' .. This precious stone, set in a silver sea, Which serves it in the office of a wall, Or as a moat defensive to a house .. '

Nothing racist about it at all. Just US and THEM.


When I was working in Dubai, some of my A-rab colleagues had a hatred for black people that bordered on the pathological. For some reason they seemed to hate African-Americans the most.

However, they were very nice to me.
Scotland must be gutted, they had a real chance of winning something for once, but as usual end up with the wooden spoon.

That's true, a lot of Chinese are racist as hell.
Given the calibre of some F.I.L.T.H. I've met, I can understand why they don't want to live next to foreigners. :wink:


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