Most prolonged firefights with PIRA

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by EX_STAB, Aug 20, 2007.

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  1. I came across this clip from the film "Devil's Own" that shows a prolonged firefight between PIRA and the British Army. I've not seen the rest of the film, although the plot synopsis here suggests it's the usual US bollox. (Funny how they changed their tune when it was their turn.......)

    Anyhow, clearly it's a work of fiction but it got me wondering as to how many really prolonged and intense firefights did take place?
  2. Of the 3 reports I've received from the shooters they lasted seconds:

    1x 14int = 4 blokes unloading brownings (5 secs?)
    1x Green = Plt Ambush with nightvis on 2xASU sneaking up on PVCP or similar. 1 x30 round mag x plt
    1x SF = Death on the rock.

    Which leads me to conclude that no contact lasts longer than a mag takes to unload.
  3. The extended SF vs ASU vs Green Army contact at the start of Brad Pitts journey to America shows three things.
    Hollywood is ignorant of britfor tactics,
    Hollywood is ignorant of PIRA tactics (bomb not bullet) and
    Brad Pitt and Harrison Ford are ignorant of Northern Ireland.
  4. Longer ago than I care to remember I happened to be 2-3kms along the border in S Armagh from one that lasted 8-10 minutes I seem to recall. Estimates of 1500+ from PIRA to about 1800 returned by us. No casualities on either side but a good time had by all :D
  5. May 1976 - Auchnacloy VCP - Cross Border 40 minutes to 1 Hour.
    2x Saracens (30 Browning) 1 LMG Southern Sanger and various section weapons
  6. Earlier ones as well (1972/73) with the Cav from Omagh and the Ferrets with 0.30 cals. Details a bit hazy Scots DG anyone?
  7. Brad and Angelina now looked after by ex "them", so should now be educated.
  8. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    1972 xmg, 1 LI and I believe it was well over 2000 rds incoming ball, several RPgs and 12000 .30 browning coing back!
  9. 11/08/73 XMG - 1LI & Boot Troop 17/21L. Firing began 2115 hrs with 3 rounds froma Garand, followed immediately by 25 mortars/RPG (Official figure- actually a lot more as we knicked a lot of the bits as souvenirs) and 1500+ small arms. Replied with 1200+ 7.62 from 2 GPMGs, an LMG and 30 SLRS. Firing ended 2135 hrs when red flare was sent up by PIRA.

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  10. What was the border checkpoint attack by the PIRA, November 89, if memory serves. Mortar base plate, Used a digger/dumper truck too I believe. I'm sure the PIRA did a full on section attack on the checkpoint going from room to room?
  11. Leeson Street?
  12. Involved 1KINGS. Look at the Regt History!
  13. IIRC Leeson Street is in West Belfast - somewhere off the Falls Rd / Grosvenor Road /Springfield Rd cross roads.
  14. Ah yes, Aughnacloy - seem to recall that was at night and the buggers had dug and revetted trenches by the book - Garda afterwards said there was blood in one of the trenches. We were down there with Malta Troop ** Ind Cdo Sqn RE putting up the CFV screens again (blown up again, shortly after we finished our tour). Interesting time!

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  15. 16/5th spent a few hours on the border engaging the IRA early 70, few thousand rounds fired both ways, IRA had a .30 as well, quite a few fire fights well lots actually in the 70s involved many thousands of rounds down on the border.

    Interesting to note that the fighting became more hit and run due to the casualties the IRA took, Belfast 71 or 72 Infantry had to have a ammo resupply on the streets, think it was Green Howards??