Most professional regiment?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by molten_cheese, Jun 13, 2012.

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  1. Hi guys,
    New to the forum. I was recommended this forum by a friend and so far I have been very impressed with what I have read. Hard to believe that such a massive online community is still quite underground, I mean you don't tend to meet too many "Arrse'ers" in person. Or perhaps I'm just not looking hard enough. Anyway guys, hopefully I can get some advice here.

    Right then, I have served in the Army for four years in a Regt I won't mention and to be honest I have hated almost every moment of my working day. Mainly down to just how privates are spoken to by NCO's and officers.

    It seems to be that the majority of NCO's seem to possess this deluded mindset that is perfectly acceptable to strut around camp as if they have the fighting abilities of a UFC fighter, the brains of a scientist and the looks of a male model. So my question is, what is the unit/corps/regt in the British Army that you are treated as a professional, excluding of course UKSF.

  2. RLC postal Squadron.
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  3. Royal Signals. Get your transfer papers in today!
  4. I'd suggest taking a look at a MBLU.
  5. Dagenham Girl Pipers.
  6. Deluded eh? Nah, it's all true. I think it comes from serving more than four years without wrapping like a wet little NIG.
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  7. Thanks, I know this may of came across as a bit of a stupid question and possibly not the best start. Thanks for the quick replies but I don't think the RLC is my cup of tea. I was considering QARANC, anyone here got experience with them?

    Honestly is there such a job in the army for a Pte that isn't patronised from dawn until dusk?
  8. HHH

    HHH LE

    So is this what you call acting professional?

  9. Thanks, was wondering when a stereotype was going to post. So, like I said what about the QARANC?
  10. I've fucked a few, if that counts?
  11. They're professionals, unlikely to want a whinging ****** who can't make his mind up and thinks questioning the CoC is ok.

    Why not transfer to the RAF.
  12. As above Posties....Shit job but get treated as grown ups well you used to.
  13. Womens Auxiliary Balloon Corps.

    Moto:- "More Helium Tanya!"
  14. 1st SIB Regt RMP
  15. RCT, not that useless lot the RLC though. Suggest you pick up a Tardis?
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