Most Productive Day Yet for MoD?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Bat_Crab, Jan 29, 2007.

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  1. Civil Servants Strike

    Looking forward to getting some work done, without having to bang my head against a series of civilian walls. Strangely enough all of the civvies I know of who aren't striking are the ones who are good at their jobs...

    *rant mode on*

    The place will also look a lot tidier without unshaved, long-haired civvies standing around outside in their poorly fitting suits smoking and whinging about having to work from 0900 to 1630 with only an hour off for lunch.

    *rant off*
  2. Why do they call them civil servants. Never met a civil one yet!!!
  3. Snivel Servants more like
  4. BC - You must work in APC!
  5. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    to Bite: • verb (past bit; past part. bitten) 1 use the teeth to cut into something. 2 (of a snake, insect, or spider) wound with a sting, pincers, or fangs. 3 (of a fish) take the bait or lure on the end of a fishing line into the mouth. 4 (of a tool, tyre, boot, etc.) grip or take hold on a surface. 5 (of a policy or situation) take effect, with unpleasant consequences. 6 (bite back) refrain with difficulty from saying. 7 informal annoy or worry: what’s biting you today?

    My union bloke is on longterm sick.

    I doubt anyone in this neck of the woods will be picketing so unlike my colleagues in Comrade Prezza's ridiculous ODP, and my lady friend in DSS, I, like the majority of MoD civilians - union members or not - will be wheeling my fiver-from-Rymans swivel chair over the industrial linoleum and behind this terminal as usual.

    in the words of the sage;

    << va t'en cuir un ouef - et foutez le camp! >>

    Le Chevre
  6. I don't, but I believe it is now part of the civil servant dress regs that you must possess one of the following:

    - 'Comedy' cartoon tie.
    - Slightly too short trousers.
    - Elasticated waist trousers.
    - Pony tail.
    - Slip on shoes.
    - Collar dandruff.
    - Scraggy 'two-week' beard with crumbs in.
    - Body odour.

    Goatman, I presume you're ex-military and therefore smart, conscientious and professional :meditate:

    As for your union rep, is he off with stress because some chap in a uniform was a bit brusque with him?
  7. Where I work, thats the management down to a tee.

    We, The managed, wear uniforms.

    We, the managed, will be on strike as our union balloted us, we voted and its a democratic decision which we will respect, whether we like it or not. (incidentally, I did not get a ballot paper due to a balls-up, but will respect the decision made by my colleagues)

    Those scruffy management fcukers will be scabbing and trying to maintain a 'presence' on the day, despite being in the same union as us.

    Anyway, it tells Blair, Brown, and Neu Arbeit what we think of their downsizing policies, which are only in place to bribe the electorate with money saved before the next election.

    Too much spent on civil servants? Arent the army are civil servants of a sort too, just with a somewhat different contract. happy with your level of funding? Pay? Equipment? Career prospects?
  8. So with most of HMF gearing up for op deployments, deployed, reconstituting from op deployments, MOD civil servants are off on strike for a more comfortable life? Nice of them.
  9. jrwlynch

    jrwlynch LE Book Reviewer

    Thanks for that, from someone who's got no intention of striking... too much work to do.
  10. PLEASE never link the Army to the Civil Service like that again. This HQ is full of Civil Servants who spend all day talking on the phone to family. Try to complain about the waste of time and miss use of military funds and get a bollocking! Oh and of course they take 3 days out of the office to attend talks about strike action and still get paid for it!
  11. Yawn, yawn yawn.

    There are plenty of CS who do give a sh*t about the armed forces and try to do their best to support you. Plenty have done deployments, plenty more do little things, unseen to help where they can. Just because a very vocal and very small minority is sulking doesn't mean we all are.
  12. So how did the day turn out Bat_Crab?

    Just a little look at the numbers, published in CM6532:

    305,000 Total MoD Manpower forcast for 1 April 2007

    of which

    202,700 Service personnel
    102,300 Civilian staff

    Given that a large number of uniformed personnel sit doing backroom non-operational support, planning and so on type functions, what the fcuk are the 100,000 civvies actually doing???
  13. The military have taken their share of cuts - time for the Civil Service to feel the pain.
  14. Aren't they worried that we'll discover just how well things function without them?
  15. The MOD is currently undergoing a minimum 10% cut across the board for manpower. Further cuts are likely in the future as people get their areas privatised or scrapped.
    Those 100k cover everything from Whitehall workers, who do the policy and analysis side. It also covers procurement, scientists, administrators, cleaners, security and all the other tasks for which it is cheaper and easier to do a job with a civvy than a forces person.