Most popular American is.....

Homer Simpson, the lovable head of the Simpson family, has been nominated the greatest American ever in an online poll ahead of the BBC-led global debate, What The World Thinks of America.

The cartoon character received 47.17% of the vote beating former United States President Abraham Lincoln, who received 9.67% and civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jnr, with 8.54% of the vote.

The fictional character Mr T from the cult television series, the A-team, came in fourth receiving 7.83% of the votes.

Former President Bill Clinton was voted the tenth most popular American with 3.53% of the nominations.
If this was part of a global poll, I wonder what the yanks will take from it?  The fact that the majority of the rest of the world nominate a fictional character as their favourite spam.  Or does it say more about those outside america who voted for a cartoon character over the likes of Martin Luther King?!  ???
It's a bit like the World Series baseball really, called the "World Series" coz no-one other than the Spams play in it, so they always win, so they are "Champions of the World" (except when it comes to things like the World Cup, where the rest of the world DO play in it, and they have to host it to take part).  :-/
I think it was fixed, Fry from Futurama is easily better than that fat ****** Homer Simpson.

Mind you, Homer 'looks' like a Yank, big and fat and stuffing his face.  ;D
I think it was fixed, Fry from Futurama is easily better than that fat ****** Homer Simpson.

Mind you, Homer 'looks' like a Yank, big and fat and stuffing his face.  ;D
thats why he came top as there are many clued up spams with good senses of humour-every bit as sick as army humour-the problem is uk media shows spams as the whipped new york jew or the dumb texan in the same way that us media portrays us with bowler hat wearing freaks sipping tea all day-incidentally homer simpson is a working class hero ;D ;D
Having spent the last two weeks on an exchange with US Forces I'll have to stand up and say that they're not all bad. We made a lot of friends out there (and some unbelieveable trades  ;D ).

Despite what we think the yanks aren't that different from ourselves. Yep, they do have the same twisted sense of humour as us (particularly in the military though don't make George Wubba jokes).

Yes, they can be ignorant of what happens outside their own borders but I think we have to appreciate the size of their country and that for some people crossing a state border is like going abroad  ;D

But don't worry they're easily re-educated like good colonists. By the end of the fortnight we had them 'tabbing', setting up 'bashas' and doing 'section attacks' instead of squad drills. And they were meant to be training us in their tactics  ;) Maybe it's time to go back and reclaim the colonies. Maybe we can trade some buckshee kit for New York state. You'd be surprised what you'd get for a genuine army issue DPM basha these days...

However when all is said and done they can't organise a piss up in a brewery. How they ever got all those troops into Kuwait and then across the LD into Iraq is beyond me.


why not invite the yanks to join the united kingdom of great britain,northern ireland and the americas

for the union jack maybe we can incorporate the american stars in it like the confederate flag  ;)

Hmm, getting there, but given tony b liar's love for europe as well, ,and desire to be president of it, surley there should be a circle of stars superimposed on the top, just as the icing on the cake?  ;D

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