Most Pointless bit of Kit you brought or was issued.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by charliecharlieone, Jan 27, 2006.

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  1. Just thought i would see where this would lead.

    What was your most ponitless piece of kit that you brought or was issued.

    Heres mine to start the ball rolling!

    1, In Bosnia we was issued with Mozzie nets, however they wouldnt have stopped a seagull. :?

    2, Our PRI put an order in for 50 Regt Tracksuits but got it wrong and ended up with 500, so the QM issued every man a tracksuit and put it on their 1157. 8O

    3, During a rather bored moment in Cookstown i ordered some Pertex Boxer shorts from a Military Kit Magazine. :roll:
  2. Fifteen years ago, I was given a gucci flourescent helicopter marker panel by a septic mate who told me it attracted them like moths and a commander should never be without one.

    I'm still waiting.
  3. General Issue Arctic Hat....
  4. During Telic 1 was issued two desert flashes that I had to hand sow bde flash and DZ on. But as I wasn't given any trousers I was wasn't allowed to wear them. No mixed dress Cpl K..
  5. Are they still issuing the good old 'Mossy Repellant', you know the one without the warning on the label letting you know, you'll have no watch left and half your equipment will be melted by the 3rd application!?
  6. Carabina. Bought 25 years ago because you "had to have one". Like a light house in the desert, very pretty but fcuk all use! Does any one want to buy that piece of must have kit? Brand new, 25 years old, never used. :(

  7. I concur with 1 and 2. Tracksuit thing happened to us in Celle, really fecked off the guys that had ablready bought their own from the PRI
  8. Braces. What was all that about? Did anyone ever use them. 8O
  9. Going back a bit/lot! Drawers Cellular! Had plastic buttons!
  10. Yes, Celle it was!! :eek:
  11. Just remebered anither one from Bosnia.

    A whole Company was issued with Size 11 Materhorns......
  12. I never did get mine. Had to make do with the loverly green and black 'desert' boots.
  13. and you must remember the Numpty C/Sgt in the QMs, if he spotted anybody in jungly combats whilst in QM department, stuck them in your 1157 and made you sign for them, even after protest that you had brought them.

  14. C/Sgt D. Geordie fella. Remeber him well. Cost me a sodding fortune in diffy kit :evil:
  15. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    The hood on any combat jacket. I've never put the hood, but I've even had one added to my CS95 jacket.