Most physically/mentally challenging task in NBC kit

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by jase31, Oct 15, 2005.

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  1. What is the most physically/mentally challenging task that you have had to complete in full nbc kit?
  2. surviving :wink:

    i know not much help was I?
  3. masturbation
  4. Sitting in a trench for 2 hours in full IPE in Iraq!
  5. Trying to open a packet of dkp with you teeth while wearing a respirator :oops: took 3 goes to realise it wasn't happening
    doing it infront of several seniors only added to the comedy effect :lol:
  6. awaiting to decon a fuchs after investigating a scud impact site in Kuwait.

  7. Playing a 40 minute game of football organised by my CSgt at Sandhurst.
    Unpleasant. But funny.
  8. Pah lightweights what about a 8 hour working day excavating contaminated soil wearing the old Soviet rubber kit at 30°+ (internal temp of the suits was measured at 50°C+) the only way we could manage it was having a firehose permantly spraying the area and all working in it.
  9. :( :( Trying to erect a field dressing station in July with full IPE because the CO really wants to see how it's done.......then dismantle...for same reason :x :x TiT

    I'm not the same man since :oops: :oops:
  10. Try picking your nose in full IPE.
  11. Try starting a 2 hour stint in full IPE in a contaminated environment and realising you've got a fly inside your mask.
  12. You're just showing off. Anyone would thinkyou did this NBC thing for a living. :wink:
  13. i still think the defecation drill would be prety challenging....
  14. What do you mean, would? That's the trouble with the training today. Too much explaining of what you need to do and not enough actually doing it.
  15. a route recce on CVR(T) in summer in full noddy kit. then continue on through the night trying to maintain ur sanity.

    then scrubbing off all the charcoal from r body because u cheated and did it topless, loooked like i was part of a al jolson tribute