Most people in the UK are against the Afghan War

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Queensman, Oct 7, 2009.

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  1. Most people in the UK know more about X-Factor than why we're even fighting an overseas war. Doesn't mean their opinions are based on any knowledge of the topic.
  2. Yes, it's kind of galling that the BBC report this sort of thing with such apparent glee. Most people are probably against the inevitable unpleasantness of the war rather than the war per se. It's pretty easy to declare oneself opposed to the war and sit back to watch the wretched X Factor which is much more important.
  3. I confess to not watching X factor this time round. However, do you know why we are fighting an overseas war? I'm bloody sure I don't. I can remember well the announcement that Bolshy Jock Minister (name forgotten*) made on the telly several years ago declaring 'We're off to Afghanistan for a wee while and there'll be no shots fired in anger...' I didn't believe him then and I don't believe the current waffle about fighting international terrorism that is trotted out in an unconvincing fashion now.

    If the General Public doesn't know why we are prosecuting the war, then surely it is the Government's job to ensure that they do. They can't do that, it seems to me, because I don't think they've got a very good reason for it, having inherited the 'problem' from that cnut Bliar who was doing George Bush's bidding.

    *Edited to add: Remembered now! John Reid. It's an age thing.......
  4. From the beeb article: "Mr Codner [RUSI] says Britain needs to maintain its influence with the US with a consistent and reliable contribution of military forces.

    "There is a financial and human cost in this strategy which the nation must either pay, or accept that it has lost its presumed status and influence and can relax and be a normal European country that does not take hard power seriously," he wrote in an article sent to the BBC."

    Bigger Army or smaller foreign policy...
  5. I think that's my point Queensman. The BBC might have been wiser to ask the questions "do you understand why we are at war in AFG?" rather than the X Factorly simple one of do you agree with it.

    As I'm still serving, I have the luxury of not giving a flying fig about the performance of that useless bunch who please themselves that they govern us - it's the job and I'd rather joe public wasn't invited to express opposition (possibly too strong) in such a simplistic fashion.
  6. We're fighting the war because Britain somehow still feels it is still some sort of superpower. In reality we are a nation rapidly going downhill.
  7. This was never what the public wanted.Most people (myself especially!) can't understand what the mission plan in Afghanistan is . The idea of helping Afghan people to establish themselves as a democratic Nation is fundamenatly flawed by the fact that Hamid Karzai would seem to be corrupt,and he seems to be the best of the pretty poor options,While He seems to drift further and further from the U.S. 'alliance' he certainly heeds the Mullahs!The U.K. is 'sliding downhill' and leaving a trail of Army blood behind it!It would seem that U.K.'s commitment is currently being sustained by the squaddies eternal ability to make do and soldier on and to try to win regardless.I am always amazed at the current skill and courage that is shown whenever I read about or see how our forces operate out there.It does not seem that any real success is possible however without the Political will to do this.I just hope as few lives are lost or injuries sustained as possible, while either the will to win is found in Westminster,or the withdrawal begins and our troops come home.
  8. rasselas

    rasselas Swinger Book Reviewer

    Surely what is most interesting about this poll is that there has only been a 3% increase of those 'against' in the last three years, and a 6% increase in those who are 'for'. Given that the last three years have been by far the most bloody of the conflict and have seen attention switch from Iraq to Afghanistan, if the public were really against this there would have been a far more drammatic shift in numbers.
  9. I get the feeling they're being quiet about the aims and successes for security reasons, just reading between the lines and seeing snippets here and there about AQ operations in the UK being severely restricted because of what's going on over there.

    Course, the rest of us then reach the conclusion that the situation is hopeless, but I suspect the alternative, if we pulled out is even worse.
  10. I fancy that the vast majority would say - I don't understand why we take part in this pointless war.
  11. It depends ont he questions asked though.

    "Are you against killing innocent Afghanis?" Yes = against the war, no = for the war.

    "Are you against our young lads getting killed?" Yes = against the war, no = for the war.

    "Are you against a safer and secure Afghanistan, not over run by nutters?" Yes = against the war, no = for the war.

    These polls mean fcuk all, and are ansewred only by those not busy enough to walk by, not answer the phone etc.

    If Trisher, JK or the Spice Girls tell 'em to support the war, then it would be the popular thing since sliced bread.
  12. I fancy you're right, but chasing an answer to that is not so subtly different to simply being against the war.
  13. I am against the war, I have no real idea what the real reasons we are here are bar the fact that Blair wanted a green card to live in the US and valued the opinion of the US rather then that of the UK. Unfortunatly as we did get involved, we can't just pull out and have to complete the objectives whatever they are, so the Politicians have to clearly state our objectives and stick to them.

    It is a similar case for our venture in Iraq. Why anyone believed the 45 minute WMD thing is beyond me. Iraq was still trying to recover from the first Gulf war and quite clearly did not have the capacity to launch WMDs....even Iran cannot reach Isreal at the moment...well last I heard anyway.

    Blair has sacrificed the lives of the best soldiers in the world for his own gain, the man is simply a traitor.