Most Pakistanis View U.S. as Enemy

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by alib, Jul 31, 2010.

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  1. On Bloomberg Most Pakistanis View U.S. as Enemy, Want War Over, Survey Finds By Nicole Gaouette
    The falling concerns about the talibans are telling. This at a time when we've had a great deal of attacks within Pakistan and signs of splits with in the Pak military. Barry's Drone war infuriates the Punjab more than FATA where it takes place. This is a country that's shifting in a dark direction towards the loony bearded right that Pindi has always backed.
  2. Funny they think India is a threat to them when they're the ones blowing themselves up
  3. I would have thought Bloomberg would be rather more even-handed in their reporting. They paint a very negative picture, whereas the full results have a great deal more positives from our point of view.




  4. I'd also disagree with your interpretation of the last of the graphs - that they are less worried is likely to be linked to the fact that the Taliban have been pushed back over the last 18 months rather than an indication of support. There were some very sweaty brows in Islamabad in early 2009 when it looked like the Taliban would soon be at the gate, but that isn't the case now.
  5. Since the survey sample is "disproportionately urban" and urbanites are least supportive of the Islamists, I'd agree PP.
  6. I said "shifting", read the whole report, support for the religious parties in Pakistan has always been low, it would be almost extinct without the Pak Army vigorous support for the hard right. The chapter on society has this:
    That's a 22 point shift amongst men.

    These are worryingly high numbers in the Punjab, more than one in four are favorable to AQ who started to brief against Pindi this year:
    It's in the Punjab that the talibans have been trying there best to start a class/sectarian war lately. I don't like the look of it at all. These are levels of support comparable with what PIRA's armed campaign had from its host population.

    You are right though there are many positives in this report, support for suicide bombing has totally evaporated for instance:
  7. Fair point. The take over of Swat just up the road from Islamabad probably was more terrifying than the brutal terrorist war we now have in Pakistan's cities.
  8. In FP Pakistan in polling vs. Pakistan in practice by Kalsoom Lakhani
  9. In FP Pakistan's Game
  10. In FP With Friends Like These... by Sumit Ganguly,
    Back in the day Hekmatyar was Pindi's man but lately he seems to have gone off reservation and has been making independent approaches to Karzai.
  11. I view Pakistan as the enemy.

    Maybe I'm just overly suspicious, but I find it notable that nearly all the johhnies that keep blowing themselves up in the UK or get caught trying to do same seem to have a rather large tendency to be Pakistanis.
  12. I hail from the North West. There are a lot of Pakistanis there. Many of the new generation openly state they hate the west - even though they are unable to state exactly why. It's fashionable for them I think.
    They would gain kudos amongst their peers for desecrating any symbol of western power.

    Anybody disagree with me then try taking a walk down a few areas of Burnley or Nelson.

    They don't know why the hate us - from what I gather its just fashionable and an easy way to be seen as "more islamic" - which is fashionable also. If you ask them you get a stock answer about Iraq, Afghan, Israel etc. Dig a little further and ask why then they are unable to answer.
    The older generation are more wise and genarally OK.

  13. Oderint Dum Metuant

    Lucuis Accius. 170-86 BC
  14. On Jamestown Lashkar-e-Taiba’s Growing International Focus and Its Links with al-Qaeda By: Peter Chalk
    I'd not fixate any LeT-AQ connection. The 'Army of the Pure' is ISI trained, Saudi funded. Their Punjabi HQ is in Muridke near Lahore. The Pew survey notes their relative popularity with its small urban sample of Pakistanis. Once focused on Kashmir they've bought the "Far Enemy" concept and now have international ambitions. LeT are probably a much bigger threat to Europe's cities than AQ.