Most oversubscribed regiments/corps' during the RMAS COA procedure?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by William_Hague, Jan 28, 2013.

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  1. Now I realise I'm probably going to get some backlash for this but here it goes...

    I'm about to embark on what hopefully will be the process of earning my commission when I walk into my local army careers officer tomorrow and fill out some paper work.

    That aside however it leads me to being quite curious into how actually selecting your regiment/corps works, so I did a bit of research on COA, I started to wonder exactly what regiments/corps' are the most over subscribed and have the highest failed applicants? (I presume the AGC)

    But also exactly how over subscribed these regiments/corps' are, it seems to me that every time for example the Paras are brought up they are described as the most oversubscribed regiment, but where do these figures come from? Or is it just assumption?

    Cheers in advance.
  2. From a few months of snooping on here I get the impression that the Guards regiments are pretty competitive. Taking a look at the latest RMAS commissioning list it appears as though there was just one commission into the grenadiers and none into the other four. I'd guess that this is due to a combination of very high standards and very few spaces across the guards.
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  3. You would be surprised as to what people want in a career. On my Briefing everyone had a completely different corp in mind, and at main board I was the only person who wanted to go Infantry in my syndicate. Also, I was on the RA visit and thought brilliant, light guns, and seemed the only person out of 20 odd interested in them. Horses for Courses.

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  4. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    In no particular order, the following are often oversubscribed: Para Regt, Foot Guards, Household Cav, Rifles, Gurkhas, AAC, Int Corps
  5. Can't be that bad, they seem to let in ginger underacheivers with 1 A level, they must be desperate!
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  6. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Yes, but his Grandma owns it.
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  7. Why? Are you looking to get an easy ride in?
  8. No, I have a few regiments in mind and a corps, and from what I've read they are all fairly competitive.

    All though it does appear as if I'm trying to get an 'easy ride'
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  9. I'm always amused on here, everyone goes about either going Guards or Para. Sounds a bit like the Oxbridge obsession. You would never know any other options existed!
  10. Massively changes intake to intake. I was Sept intake a few years ago, so we were quite heavy on Welbexians and Bursars, therefore, the Corps were quite well filled.

    From my own experience:

    Hugely competitive: RGR
    Very competitive: Para, Int Corps, AAC.
    Competitive: Rifles, RE, RA, RTR
    If your face fits: Line Infantry(Fit into the mess), Signals (geeks), REME(Eng grads),
    Dependent on who you know: RAC less RTR.
    Dependent on both who you know and how good you are: Guards
    As long as you are not a complete and total mong: RLC, RAMC.
    You are a complete and total mong: AGC(SPS), RMP, ETS
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  11. agree largely with previous poster. however will vary on intake- for example on mine RE unpopular/RLC very popular. spaces will also depend on how many left for that intake from the yearly allocation of places. be aware that the amalgamations in infantry regiments will also affect number of spaces available....
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  12. Regiments and Corps have an annual recruiting cap (no idea if this is Jan-Dec, May-Apr or Sept -Aug). For Inf and RAC this is usually about 4, and if they really like 3 in the first intake of the year that can make it very hard for teh follwoing intakes. Conversely if a Regt has taken no-one then the last intake of the year they'll be less selective as they'd rather take someone slightly below their usual standard than have an enduring shortage in a cohort.
  13. Also bear in mind you can do attachments, transfer or pick all arms specialisations quite quickly into your commission, so what you commission as and what you end up doing are not as rigid as you might think.

    How well you are reported on is what counts when trying to be competitive at E2, which is where almost all the best jobs are senior Capt and above.

    Do each assignment well, and it will open up better assignments and so forth. Promotion will largely follow the same path.
  14. Further to my previous unhelpful post, I would agree - it depends on intake.

    It also depends on how many are needed into each cap badge in that intake.

    For example, my Regiment, RA, needs to supply a fair chunk of people from each intake, to guarantee enough Subbies. Demand is therefore high, but for some reason the RA are also popular (despite apparently being stinking gunners...jealousy? Envy?).

    Other, smaller cap badges (AAC, Int Corps for two) will be popular choices, but have fewer slots to fill. Competition will be high every intake, because secretly everone wants to be an Apache pilot or an Intelligence Officer (sounds like you're a Military spy...).

    Then there will be passing fads in the Infantry domain, Paras are always strong, but other Inf Regiments will be popular, probably dependent on what they're up to, how good their PR is, etc.

    Traditionally, the RLC are less popular. Maybe their PR isn't so hot, but they have a breadth of job choices open to a subbie and now with things like Hurt Locker glamourising EOD, that's more poppular.

    Engineers, REME, Signals - popular with the right people - technically minded or qualified usually, but not exclusively (exept perhaps REME).

    So, it all depends who needs how many bodies, how well they've been selling themselves, who end up in the cohort that intake...length of string stuff.
  15. Let's face it, not everyone is cut out to be one of the RAMC MSO master race, so have a Plan B in case your dream doesn't come true.

    On a slightly more serious note, Papa_Lazarou is right in that no matter where you end up attachments are possible, and if you are good you will invariably get some interesting jobs regardless of capbadge. However, be aware that while attachments - like postings to the Sierra Leone Army / Eton College CCF / the UN / SF related roles and Army sponsored degrees - are possible they can be very difficult to secure. A busy Adjutant will give you short shrift, and unfortunately they are the rule not the exception.

    Oddly enough - the best way of getting interesting attachments and postings is to be utterly bonk. Having spoken to a couple of blokes who worked in Glasgow, being a bell end of the highest order is easily the best way to get an infantry attachment, posting to Sierra Leone, Army-funded Barrister training and posting to an interesting civvy government agency. In fact I know one particular legend who achieved all of the above. Anyone unfortunate enough to be a Scaleyback will know who I mean.... :)
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