Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by whistler, Oct 11, 2005.

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  1. I see this little beauty sneaked through last week, I thought someone would comment, given the upsurge in music fans recently.

    Some very worthy contenders, some surprises. Totally agree with number 1, overplayed trash - before you ask, yes I do have it, in fact I've got 6 of the 10! :oops:

    The rest of the Link is here.

    Any thoughts?
  2. I haven't got any of them and agree that they are all over hyped. Never been an Oasis fan. Do like some Radiohead tunes but wouldn't buy an albumn, prefer to just listen on compilation albumns. Anyway out of principle they annoy me by never releasing a single or letting their music be dowloaded. And The Libertines.....what on earth are they about?
  3. I'll admit to owning one of them - never mind the b***ocks - but i would disagree its overhyped - it defined a generation - the first 4 are prime examples of musical ineptitude personified, the joshua trees not bad but not a classic - ok computer ive never heard - as for the beatles ive always thought they were overated from the start, pet sounds is interesting and the smiths is music to slash your wrists by. but then im probably defined as a geriatric fart brough up on a diet of r and b when musicians could play and rock stars were rock stars - who of todays can compete with moon, stanshall,bonham etc in full flight when it comes to doing the rock star thing.
  4. How can anyone call Nevermind over hyped???
    That album was a key factor in a musical revolution in the early 90s which pushed all the hair and pop bands off the charts and brought meaningful rock into the mainstream.

    How can you call Nirvana over hyped…. *grumble grumble*… it’s a historical album *grumble grumble*…
  5. Strange isn't it, how the "most overated" albums are also some of the best sellers of all time

    apart from the "Libertines" of course , I'm having trouble naming one song

    Oh and "The Queen is dead" is still a cracking album 20 odd years on
  6. Own five of them. They're good, but not all that and a bag of chips. Nevermind is killer though. I'd replace that with anything by Prince.
  7. i own 5 of the above too....sgt peppers is and will always be a classic album....hype my arrse! U2's joshua Tree is also a smart album....nearly all these albums were rated out of this world when they what's all the crap about hype?.....probaby a bunch of twuts who voted for them...grrrr
  8. I can understand how Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band can disappoint people.

    I personally think that it is truly a classic album but what the youngsters don't appreciate was that it was groundbreaking - in 1967 or whenever it was.

    So many others have followed and, in some cases, bettered the sound. My theory is based on me trying to enthuse about it to my daughter - she was most unimpressed.

    And it's got 'a day in the life'

    I must admit to being a bit amused by goku's comment:

    Yes it took away the big hair but only to replace them with a bunch of scruffy little skateboard riding oiks! My main issue is that yer man topped himself before he did an oasis who (after an early bright start) now produce regurgitated drivel.
  9. unfortunately todays "groundbreaking" is tomorrows "over hyped" ..

    yeah , there are a couple on there that are over rated, but in their day they were seen as the way forward.

    people are always looking for the next big thing, myself included so i wouldn't pay too much attention to music charts, which are generally industry driven, or opinion polls ... which are other peoples opinions.

    if YOU like it .... it's good ... simple innit !! :D
  10. OY - STOP GOING ALL SENSIBLE ON ME - it doesn't become you :lol:

    Anyone got their own example of an overhyped record?

    My starter would be anything by eminem - it's all incoherent babble to me. I attempt to keep abreast of the times but can't see the talent in muttering badly composed poetry over the top of some ripped of - sorry, sampled music.
  11. Anything by Michael Jackson EVER! All his stuff is terrible. I don't like Eminem but I think he is clever. Oh and The Darkness, their album was rubbish but got loads of hype on the radio.
  12. Err, I've got 7 of them but as I didn't pay for them, I'm not bothered. The joys of illegal downloads!

    The Libertines????? FCUK OFF-A bunch of smackheads.
  13. Got 2 of them

    4. Oasis - Definitely Maybe
    5. U2 - The Joshua Tree

    Both pretty good albums currently listening to the Kiaser Chiefs employment pretty good as well
  14. Perhaps people should submit the albums they think are most over hyped ????
  15. ignoring me? <pst go back three posts>