Most "opposed" to family in Army

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by londontown, Sep 7, 2007.

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  1. Apologies if this has been done previously but had a quick look and couldn't find it...proud to say I am in the 28%...what a let about a lack of support...though it's a sample of 1001 admittedly...

    More than two-thirds of people would not want their loved ones to join the Army, a poll has suggested.
    Only 28% of those surveyed for BBC Two's Newsnight said they would be happy for their son or daughter to enlist, while 68% would be unhappy.

  2. If I had a son or daughter, I'd discourage them from joining up at the moment. Whilst serving your country is an extremely honourable thing to do, I believe the risks currently outweigh the reward. If I had more belief in the campaigns we're currently fighting, my opinion would undoubtedly change.
  3. I have to admit. I no longer encourage my kids to join up.

    Having said that, I wouldn't actively discourage them, but would point them towards "more secure" jobs. It would be their decision if they went for "front-line" units, but I'd worry a lot.

    Selfish of me? Yes, but part of the responsibility of being a parent is that you look out for your kids.

    So, I'm not in the 28%, but I'm not hypocritical enough to put myself in the 68% either. I'd like to bet that the remaining 4% is the biggest 4% you've ever seen.
  4. I'd support it if we faced a 1940 again but cannot encourage anyone to put their lives on the line for something that is f*** all to do with us.
  5. It'd only be selfish if we were fighting for something worth fighting for. Given the politics behind the current campaigns, I don't think anybody can knock you for looking out for your kids.
  6. it's to be expected. everybody worries for their children, i don't think it represents a lack of support for the armed forces overall.
  7. I'd support my child with whatever she wanted to do, hopefully by the time shes at the working age these current campaigns will be history.

    I'd be more worried having a son as joining the forces seems to be a family trait.

    Be proud either which way.
  8. If anyone from my family joined I would not be HAPPY but I would be PROUD and SUPPORTIVE. I would like to see the question asked before heeding this poll.

    Whatever your views on the politics if you don't support the boys and girls putting their backside on the line then knob off in my view.
  9. Did the majority of families support a 1940 then?

    When war broke out and Britain attempted to recruit soldiers, they only managed to gain about 800,000 men.

    They had to introduce conscription in order to get the numbers up, resulting in a further 1.5m men.

    I find it amusing when we compare todays civvys to that of WW2's civvys. The main reason that there was so much support for the war by civvys back then, was because it directly affected them, either by direct risk (blitz etc) or due to family members being conscripted in.

    If there was no conscription in ww2, do you honestly think there would have been the same level of support? I don't. There would be by and large the same mentality there is today. Things ae only important to people if it directly affects them....and because of conscription, it did - as everyone had someone involved in the war...but not by choice.

    Introduce conscription into todays society for its current wars and watch the Armed Forces popularity and support rise tenfold by Britains general populace.

    Personally speaking, I wouldn't actively discourage my son from joining up, but I would prefer him not to.
  10. I fear not. This is just the start.
  11. Quite right, but you can always hope - or emigrate!
  12. Personally I consider the forces the only truly honorable profession left, however until the kit and welfare issues are sorted and we receive the political and financial backing that is so lacking at the moment, I can not honestly encourage anyone to join. I would rather not sacrifice anyones children on the altar of Bliars vanity.
  13. Both my brother and I are serving and whilst our parents did not "encourage" us to join up, they are 100% supportive of our choice of careers. Of course they occasionally worry when on or both of us is on Ops but they have never questioned what we do and have never shown anything but total support
  14. My son has recently joined up, and although I will have some worries ahead (as did my Mum and Dad when I served), I am very proud of him. I have no right to discourage him from doing what he wants, although I did not push him into it.
  15. I signed the papers for my son to go to Harrogate and he is now in Afghanistan and while I worry for him all the time, there was no way I would discourage him not to do the job he is doing. Of course I am against what they are doing out there but HE chose to join the Army and who am I to stop him. Joining the Army is something he has wanted to do since he was little and while I am not happy about his current situation - it is his choice. Thank god some parents do not stop their children joining - where would we be then.

    See you next month son - keep safe.....