Most of my Health & Fitness Questions.

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Knightwars4, Sep 25, 2011.

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  1. The title does the job, so it's good enough for me. By the way I can assure this is no wah, just pinch yourself.

    Anyways, a bit of PERSEC violating bio data:

    Male, 15 Years old.
    5' 8"
    70-75kg (A definitive weight is N/A for now)

    Also, refer to this link for more info:

    1) Why can't I perform a consistent amount of press ups?

    Meaning one day I can pump out 15, on another random day I can do 25.
    I used to be able to 33 press ups continuously. Now I shake and struggle to do 15. Even though I haven't gained muscle, fat or any form of body mass.

    2) With the amount of time I have, how can I become physically fit enough to ACE the fitness standard for Welbeck DSFC, The Parachute Regiment (Officer) and if I manage all of the above, SAS?

    3) Does the above require the use of a Bergan? (Fucked for cash if it does)

    4) Can anybody help me devise an exercise routine that implements calisthenics, plyometrics and cardio?

    5) Would any of you be willing to help me train? I live in the Romford area

    6) Does having flat feet mean a medical disqualification? If so, any waivers or the such from the ACIO?

    7) Why do I fear being physically unfit when I am older? It gives me a right panic thinking about it. Older as in 30-50s+.

    8) Should I shell out at all for some Gucci Under Armour sports wear, or is it unnecessary kit for the everyday walting punter?

    I'll post more questions once I can remember them.

  2. No answers. I'm well and surely in the shit now.
  3. Follow a day on day off routine and as you are still growing don't do heavy weights they will **** your joints.
  4. I'm currently doing my own on and off cardio work. One day run, the next rest etc etc.
  5. Answer to some of your questions.

    1) set a kind of routine ie. every time you go in your bedroom/go on your XBOX etc do 5 or 10 good press ups you will find you do 100+ during the day and get you used to them.

    2)Use link as above or fitness booklet

    3)Dont run with bergan/boots until you get to Wellbeck or training

    4) alternate runs with hill session, speed work,long and slow, fast fartlek and also have rest days include swimming and cycling and a few sessions upper body plus weights and circuit.

    5)£500 a session and Ill bring the water

    6)Only the SMO can answer that noone in the ACIO/AFCO can

    7)You may find most 30-50 year olds are fitter than the youngsters ...its just if we can stay injury free.
  6. flat feet do not prevent you from joining IF you are symptom and pain free. There is a bit more to it but that's pretty much what it boils down to.
  7. Once I've completed all 14 weeks, should I repeat all 14 again or move on to something more advanced? I've got the 100 Push Ups app on my iPhone so I'm thinking of doing that after this programme.
  8. Not a stupid question, but ask yourself this, if I have a reached a certain level of fitness from a 14-week programme which gets steadily more difficult, will going back to the start of the programme keep me at the end result level?

    Think on that one.

    Also, don't over do the phys to the detriment of your studies. They are MORE important at this point in you life than being 'super' fit.
  9. Wise words!
  10. Shockingly so from me, and I thank you with good grace.
  11. That's a no brainer. I should of thought of that before, oh well. I'm not omniscient.

    Though just a reminder as I'm failing to see how this is accounted for. Is this programme sufficient for people applying for the Paras? Afterall they demand faster times and so forth.
    I hope I haven't posted a bone question.
  12. Not a bone question at all, but I would ask you to examin the situation. When will you be applying to join the army? I will also ask you, if I present myself with an above average standard of general fitness, will the army build up my fitness to be able to pass P Company?

    Chilax, get a VERY GOOD education, have an above average level of general fitness, get into some outdoor pursuits type sports. I suggest kayaking, rock climbing and mountain walking.

    But remember, and I say this without being patronising, your body, the engin that will get you from A to B, is still growing and developing, so don't go taking on the Fan Dance in the December with 3/4 of your body weight on your back!

    It's a pain and an inconvenience, but let yourself 'grow up' body wise - you don't need to pass 'Selection' fitness wise to get to Welbeck, but you do need very good grades at GCSE!

    Get yourself above averagely fit for your age, play sport, get into outdoor pursuits and with a very good education, the world's your oyster!
  13. I must be trying to grow up too fast.

    GCSEs it is then. Though I've heard some recruiters might deny me the Paras if I'm too much of a boffin. As I'm predicted As and A*'s in several subjects. E.g Maths, English and Science along with RE, Citizenship to name just a few. If that is the case I'll fight tooth and nail for what I want.
  14. There is a GCSE in citizenship?