Most Nauseating Christmas Advert?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by LucreziaBorgia, Dec 10, 2011.

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  1. Having been at home this week with a horrendous (ly exaggerated) case of flu, I've had more than my usual level of television exposure.

    The Coca-cola adverts are predictably sickly sweet but apparently an intrinsic part of the festive season. And as for the little boy counting down the minutes til Christmas so he can present his frankly horribly wrapped present to Mummy - well, I hope he gets a dead hamster's head in his Christmas stocking.

    But what has me reaching for the mute button on the remote most often has to be the big-beaked horse-toothed dullard in the Iceland adverts. Leaving aside that the sickening nose-rub is probably the most contact she has had with her what I assume is her son in months, if I need tips on providing a pleasant Christmas dinner for my nearest and dearest I'm hardly likely to go to a woman who is a) Jewish (I have nothing against Red-Sea pedestrians, but I don't believe they celebrate Christmas), b) thicker than a whale omelette and c) unlikely to have had anything more calorific than gentleman-juice in her mouth since the turn of the century .

    Is anything television related getting on your wick this Christmas?
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  2. I agree about the Iceland ads being shit, but recently I've been finding Stacey quite attractive. If she never spoke, I'd be happy having a go on her.
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  3. Me too, in fact how about we spit roast her, if her mouths full there will be no talking...........
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  4. Oh, I fucking hate the M+S advert with the shit factor bastards in it, cunts.
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  5. Anything that prates on about the 'traditional Christmas' while trying to punt you cheap crap from mid-October onward.
  6. The Brighthouse one.

    "Oooh, I wish we could do this every week".

    You fucking could if you didn't spent your money on extortionate interest rates and buy BFO tellies and crap couches.

    Oh, and cut back on the chocolates, you fat northern bitches.
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  7. Every single last one of them. Christmas is over rated hype which starts in the middle of September. As for house facia decorations, the pikier the family (a la council houses) the earlier the lights go up. I wish the cunts would shoot themselves in the face. Thank fuck I'm in Afghan for Christmas at least I don't have to put up with that shite. Bah fuckin Humbug!
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  8. The Boots adverts where they are planning Xmas like Hitler was planning a long weekend in Poland, though funny when the guy with the dog walks past them and says "evening", but still leaves me reaching for the waste paper bin to hurl in to?
  9. Agreed.

    As for Stacey, I think she's hilarious and she's actually a lot smarter than she lets on. I'd rather see her on the Iceland ads than Kerry Katona.
  10. I just think its hilarious that a kike is advertising pigs in blankets and sausage rolls, oy!
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  11. Best ever Christmas I had was out in Iraq in '07, brilliant it was, no stupid adverts, no crowds and no tv. Mega.
  12. Those comet ones with the not so, infact fucking irritating tones of that skip licker Edith bowman!!
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  13. CplFoodspoiler

    CplFoodspoiler War Hero Book Reviewer

    And I bet they all did it for free. I'd love to consider myself an overpaid, luvvy, self satisfied, twat.

    Well 1 from 4 aint bad. Just thought I'd put that in before any of my esteemed arrsers did it for me.
  14. Agreed.

    Although to be honest I'd also rather see Anne Widdecome stark naked, the return of polio and a 200 percent rise in my income tax than Kerry Katona.
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