Most Ming Foot Injury / Med Issue

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by therealbigdizzle, Sep 23, 2009.

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  1. So, I found myself on TA forum advising about blisters and stuff.

    So, seeing as all of us at some point or other have looked down at our feet and been somewhat displeased at the mess under our socks, I thought I should ask what everyone's most horrible, evil, ming foot injury has been. Ones that make you want to hurl just thinking about it.

    I'll start with my example..

    When I did my recruits course I used boots that I'd been using for about 3 years, and I still got a blister the entire way down the bottom of my foot (ie the sole of my foot was just one giant puss balloon). sharp knife sorted it out the quick way, at the expense of making my basha buddy vomit as I literally poured it out onto the ground!

    Yes - I know that's not really the best medical procedure. But I knew the medics advice would be that puss is good for you and I should leave it alone... but sorry, I refuse to tab 8 miles with 25kg of kit with a foot full of puss. Just... no.

    Pictures score double points!
  2. What had you been doing in your boots for three years prior to your "recruits" course? That is a lot of build up training!

    And what TA unit are you with that does an 8 miler for recruits. Far as I know its still 6 miles. :roll: :?
  3. just wore them at work. they were cheap and were more comfortable than shoes. and dealt with the outdoors better than shoes.

    CIC does the full regular-army 8 mile.
  4. ive shaged many a small child wile wearing dessert mendals and it cured all foot issues inclueding being flat footed
  5. Self-inflicted, hadn't been checking my feet during a very wet (but not cold) Ex...until I found I'd lost the feeling in the soles of my feet, which looked like one of those weird pug-type dogs with their skin all in folds. LR ride back to base, and a medic massaged the soles for about 10 minutes, said something like 'the circulation should return soon' and, wisely, made himself scarce.

    He was right. The circulation did return...along with excruciating, screaming, weeping, finger-gnawing, agonising, praying-for-death, crying-for-your-mother hellpain. I made sure I checked my fucking feet after that, though!
  6. yep that's what mine looked like. but no pain.

    walking around on a foot that felt like a ketchup sachet was just disturbing though, it had to come out.
  7. When I first started with diabetic neuropathey I didnt realise i had it. On the way to Le Mans one year i was playing pinball in a pub in Southampton when a native told me my feet were bleeding out of my boots, through the eyelets. I put some plasters on and carried on to le Mans. By the time I got to see one of the medical tents at the circuit, most of the skin had peeled off the soles of my feet. That finally did hurt. By the time I got back to England I was in the first stages of sceptacaemia and ended up in hospital. Couldnt walk for weeks
  8. So let me see,
    You have just stated on a open forum that you are so dense that you have been wearing the wrong sized boots for 3 years :roll:
    Boot manufactures have a built in failsafe, they make one in left and one in right..please check you are wearing them as per instructions.
    Hope this helps your girly feet problems.

  9. tell me about it.

    i told the bloke in the shop I wanted the right boots.

    no wonder me left foot was hurting so bad.
  10. Bad feet = sh!t drills perce
  11. Two words- 'Operation Corporate'
  12. Ewwwwwww 8O
  13. actually it was more like one of those vinegar sachet's you get in the cookhouse.not quite so fluidy... more liquidy.
  14. One I saw during basic training was some fcukwit NOT paying full attention, putting NYLON socks next to his skin, then the wooly jobs on top. He was bit of drag-arse too, so we actually weren't that sorry when that evening on getting back to base, when he peeled his socks off the soles of his feet came off with them. There were a few weaker stomached lads retching :puker:

    My ex did a podiatry degree and some of the pix of diabetic's ulcers were stomach churners - my 'fave' was one where artery forceps disappeared inside the foot and by time they'd cleared the ulcer away there was also a toe missing. truly awful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!