Most likely to be mobilised ?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Swindonman, Apr 11, 2006.

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  1. Sorry lads one other question at the weekend was chatting with one of our lads and a discussion developed as to who would most likely result in you being mobilised quickest. I was adamant that surely it would be us as Infantry for obvious reasons but one of the other recruits reckoned it would be Medics , Signals or something like that.

    Who in your opinion is correct - I would love to be proven right before I go tonight !

    PS What day is pay day by the way ?
  2. The army is short on medics and so theyd certainly be pretty high in demand. Although most specialists are looking at a very high possibility of mobilisation.
  3. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Just join the TA - you will get mobilised! As to who first, one infantry unit may be mobilised before a medic unit, another one after it. No obvious answer I am afraid. End of a long boozy session when that one came up were you?
  4. As all mobilisations are voluntary, its really a case of who puts their hands up first.

    TA Medics are 2/3 of the medics, its near impossible to put on a large operation without TA AMS
  5. It was a very long boozy session - £1 a can on recruit weekends you cant go wrong - a good night had by all but all manner of shit was being spoke by the end - including that conversation and also about 3 or 4 of my CADRE declaring that RRV was just a basic start for them and that they were all off to the SAS within a year !! - apparently it will all be a case of mind over matter................................................
  6. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Tell them to stay with the RRV - they have a much greater chance of being mobilised in role in support of their parent unit there than they ever will have with 21!
  7. most likely to be mobilised

    52 lowland c coy infantry assult pioneers
    due to high demand for pioneers and the fact that the regular army pioneers have beed disbanded means that if pioneers are required to cover any eventuality such as if regulars require pioneers we will be called up

  8. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Steve, by your own admission you are:

    1. A discipline problem for your unit.
    2. Struggling with the CFT (TA).
    3. Not through basic recruit training yet.

    Not exactly a great advert for your unit, and hardly the sort of person that a regular Bn of the SCOTS would be seeking to join them!

    If they want engineering work done, they will call for engineers. Assault pioneers do low level work within the Battalion, and may be used as such, but not likely to be mobilised for that job alone.
  9. Stevie.
    I think you'll find that most TA Infantry Bn's have an Assault Pioneer Pl( to be FFR April 2007). Also The RLC have Pioneer Squadrons and as for the superb retention spiel that my unit got " 50% of the Pl will be on 15 Days NTM at all times". How the feck will that work for TA soldiers. :roll:
  10. ...until all of the hands have been up and then everyone else will be for it (me included).
  11. Worked for 4 Para, Telic 1. From letter hiting my doorstep to Chillwell, Granthem to Kuwait 12 days if memory serves.
    A case of "Prepare to move, move, moving" :?

  12. Correct - ALL mobilisation is Voluntary. If you want to go, and are qualified, I suspect that you will go.
  13. TA Sigs Yeoman, more chance shagging Kate Moss than getting called up. Nearly said more chance than the Duchess of York but that would really shorten the odds of being mobilised. Help, need a tour to get away from work !!!!
  14. I know of two TA YofS that have been mobilised. If you are serious talk to your OC, PSAO (who is a good bloke - and has loads of contacts within the corps) or talk to CVHQ.

    Or, there may be other opportunities to go "out of role". Where there is a will, there is a way.
  15. Blimey so I'm likely to shag Kate Moss.

    Yes, you are right but only for specific duties such as crypto custodian or 97 Sig Sqn in the Balkans. The crypto role will be taken away once LCICSG as they are hoping to create a pool of ex-regular YofS for this task.