Most likely prisoners to get a good kicking?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Spanglish, Sep 11, 2007.

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  1. Of all the layers and differing degrees of fcucked up people staying in Her Majesty's Prisons, who stands in the top 3 for other inmates to give a good shoeing/"shanking" whilst behind bars?

    I'm betting the following:

    1. Paedophiles
    2. Rapists
    3. Drug Dealers

  2. Really old people, small people and disabled's.
  3. The McCanns...
  4. Can't see drug dealers getting a kicking ....drugs are easier to score inside HMP than out!
  5. Council Tax defaulters. Usually little old ladies, they'll be easy to deal a thrashing to.

    Plus they'll be lonely and glad of the attention.
  6. Surely coppers who find themselves in the nick must suffer a fair degree of sodomisation..
  7. No that's the police college you're thnking about
  8. You know, after all my years in the Army I never knew what a Nonce was until about 3 years ago (and that would be 11 years after I left)

    Most will know - but just incase - it's a sexual offender.


    For obvious reasons.
  9. I would rather just call a nonce another suicide statistic. Hang the fcuking lot
  10. true..difference being the police college no doubt runs a "voluntary team bonding" exercise involving said anal fun.
  11. I would like to think the Muslim extremists that are behind bars for attempting acts of terrorism in the UK get a good kicking on a daily basis.
  12. You're forgetting that these scum are probably guarded night and day,under constant suicide watch,and given special privileges to protect their "human right" of enciting racial hatred and trying to kill people.
  13. There probably given Sky+ and plasma screens and a nice room with a view facing in the right direction for prayer. Maybe we should do to them what they do to the prisoners they capture :x
  14. Footballers apparently can get excessive attention...their millionaire life-style and cavalier disregard for basic road safety can apparently be annoying to ODCs. Excellent.
  15. Granny bashers, nonces, kiddy fiddlers. Beat them wafer thin then hang them out to dry. When done, turn and beat some more.