Most jack unit of the year 2008-09

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by polar, Nov 23, 2008.

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  1. The first nomination - 5 RRF.

    For failure to provide provisions to units supporting them, well not entirely true but too extra mouthfuls was apparently too much.

    More nominations please.
  3. You need to give a reason why
  4. Must resist...
  5. 3MI?

  6. This thread has career suicide written all over it.
  7. What a great thread. An entire infantry Battalion dishonoured by the failure of a CSM to book enough meals. Thank God someone's blown the whistle on these jack b.astards. I hope the CO has the decency to draw the mess webley.

    Come on Polar!

  8. I really shouldn't post the day before my interview without coffee.

    Standby for an update on Wednesday :D

    @Polar - Care to expand on the initial post?
  9. Pft, should do as well!. I attended a wonderfully organised training day last week where we didn't get any sodding lunch because some clever bugger forget to organise horror bags - I was starving by knocking off time.
  10. 562 SQN RLC(V) !

    For not bothering to send the 5 required personnel to RHQ's Remembrance Parade except for 1 recruit.

    It was his first day in uniform, no one from his own unit present to guide or assist him, he had not received any marching drill instruction and he had to travel to location by his own means (Southall to Croydon).

  11. Aww bless him, poor bugger - that really is w@nk that though.
  12. Why, wot you done?
  13. More like what hasn't he done