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Most irritating geordie.....

Okay, just watching FA cup final, out comes Sir, i did this, i did that Bobby Robson!

Got me finking, is he the most irritating under achiever on the planet, or just another geordie whinger?

[awaits incoming]
Gazza - w@nker and spoilt child all in one
A geordie RAF girl many moons ago.If I wasn't drunk and blowing her back doors off she irritated the $hit out of me,thankfully I didn't see her that often when sober :D
What, even Ant and Dec?!?!
Aye, and him off Big Brother?!?!
" is he the most irritating under achiever on the planet,"

Very possibly, promised much achieved little with the toon.
Despite Biscuits prejudices not all us Sons of the Tyne are whiners, some of us can go whole sentences without moaning once.

My personal top of the list, Alan Shearer.
Everyone of them that insist on big frizzy perms, shell suits and endlessly saying 'Ay, ay, now then now then, now then'. All with copious arm waiving.
iamaviking said:
Heather Mills.
Oh yeah! Well, she`s a stinkin` Mackem.......so there!
half time and so far so good. back to thread, Looks like Robson is on his way hout. he is in poor health and I think the FA are softening the blow so to speak. Nil nisi bonum [unless Sven dies of course]
exile1 said:
Looks like Robson is on his way hout. he is in poor health ]
Fair comment Exile, but at the same time, the poor fukcers beaten FIVE different strains of cancer so there`s no doubting his courage. If he kept quiet, he`d be a sensible bod!
All Geordies are fucking irritating :D

But if push came to shove (and it was a bloody big cliff), I'd have to choose Gazza the annoying twat.
All Geordie's are mongs and whiners
And sponging work shy braggards.
Hurts? I hope your in tears you c*nt

Call us mongs? Aye well get your spelling and grammar correct and I might just start taking you seriously.

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