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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by beetroot4000, Feb 12, 2013.

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  1. After the recent Topgear is getting crap thread, I got inspired to look at other shows and series done by the three presenters. They've all done some not too bad shows, even Hammonds ones are good, just not wipeout.

    But I've stubled across James Mays toy stories.
    These are excellent!
    Is it just me or does anyone else find it inspiring that there are still real people out there trying to keep real life alive, not all of todays youth living their lives on facebook?

    Are there any TV shows you lot enjoy that show maybe not everyone on this earth is a complete idiot? And there may be hope yet?

    I also really like Kevin McClouds man made home seires, and the Ade in Britain series.
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  2. Bushtucker man, he was eating witchety grubs before Ray Mears was chewing nipples!
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  3. Guns

    Guns LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. The Royal Navy

    Life on Mars. Made me want to join the police.
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  4. It made me want to get beaten up by the WPC.

    She was as cute as a box of chocolate coated kittens.
  5. Grand Designs is quite entertaining in a strange way: veers between cautionary tales on vanity, over ambition, piss poor project management, budgetary optimism, stupidity and some really excellent builds.

    But I still do not understand why retired architects all seem to want to live in glass and white concrete boxes
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  6. Same way as people go on about a certain rifle on here its what they are taught is real arcitechture at Uni then they hit the real world so spend 40 years building what the bloody client wants come retirement sod the lot of you I,m living in a minimalist box:).

    At least they have the cash to do it properly unlike the poor sods who were forced into high rises that were shoddily built and poorly maintained.
  7. Wildlife on One.
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  8. Mr Benn - I love dressing up
  9. Blue Peter, it was a good grounding for making bashas out of sticky back plastic ,bog roll centers and empty washing up liquid bottles. Or was that just me that did that?
  10. Interviews before Execution. Chinese tv at its best.

    It inspired me to wrap a lump hammer around a freshly raped teenagers canister so she couldn't testify against me in court.
  11. Star Trek the Original it inspired the mobile phone ipad and now the 3d printer Boldy going where no man has gone before
  12. 24 Hours in A&E is pretty good.

    All of Prof Brian Cox's stuff, Wonders of the Solar System/Universe though I haven't seen his latest series. Physics was never really my focus at school, biology and chemistry were my science subjects. Always regretted not having a better understanding of physics and Cox's stuff blows my mind. He says his ideal documentary would be just him with a blackboard explaining the fundamentals and equations. Doubt that would ever be produced for tv, but I don't see why he doesn't just do a deal with youtube and crack on with it himself.

    Sin Cities is mega and gives one fantastic food for thought.
  13. The test card followed by that little white dot you used to get in the days before all night tv.
  14. He was ex Aussie Army and fanatically anti British. Much prefer the "Barefoot Bushman" Rob Bredl, the only set back in not wearing boots was when a croc went for him he couldn't get away quick enough.