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Discussion in 'Gunners' started by andyd358, Feb 10, 2007.

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  1. Who is the most influential soldier you have met in yout time in the Gunners?

    Mine was a bloke called "Archie Gemmell" Sgt No1 in 47 Fld Regt RA 3 Battery. Took me under his wing when everyone else gave up on me.

    I was a little fecker going awol pissed all the time late for work. Usual young gunner.

    Ended up on his gun and it sorted me out. few swift kicks to me head wen i fucked up was ok lol
  2. anybody would behave if they were on Archie's gun. The big ugly fecker
  3. In terms of input that I valued...Ken O'Nions...

    Role model - Mark Pountain

    Top man gunner-wise - Martin Farndale
  4. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

  5. Over 20yrs ago for me it was a Capt Royal-class,style and was a leader not a commander.Top bloke!!
  6. I have to agree Martin Farndale, closely followed by Ken Timbers.
  7. Embarrassing -but cant remember his name! - but I think it was Lt Col Pritchard!

    Second from last CO of 27 Fd Regt in Topcliffe and Dortmund. Hated bullsh"t, loved his sports, real field soldier and really knew and cared for his soldiers. Had a BC sacked when the SNCOs confided that the guy was a nightmare.

    Unfortunately he got replaced by a lunatic called Grodon the Groper who was a bully and loved bullsh"t. Killed the Regt in one foul swoop,
  8. Thirded.

    I always wondered if he put a retaining support on his eyebrows when he went to sleep (they were long enough to plait). His son was a nice bloke too, did he ever finish his book? He was Eagles GPO when I was their gun fitter.

    Wasn't Archie a Bdr in 4 Bty before getting made up and moved across to 3? I'm trying to remember from Gut 83-ish. Gl**denning and Ov**ton helped sort out and educate a lot of wayward lads, REME too :)
  9. Keith Moore a Sgt Gun No 1 in J Bty in 1985 then a SSgt GLSC

    Top lad fit as **** and a real soldier’s soldier - which was difficult in a Regt that at the time defined a soldier’s ability by how shiny his boots were!

    Best FOO I ever knew J Cornock - out the Army now but a real leader of men finished as a BC at Harrogate I believe

    Best BC? – Still serving so I won’t embarrass him – crazy legs you know who I mean

    A Lawson’s Man – says it all
  10. in my time with the mighty dragons (127 bty,26 regt)92-95,we had quite a few influential senior ranks,and a few knobs as well haha,suppose everywhere was the same,but an officer i remember well was fishback,just a very fair guy who wasnt like the majority of officers,he was more of a mans man,god he used to get hammered hahahe wasnt perhaps the most p.c officer,but he had everyones respect,especially in NI,he got posted to 4reg and bloke.also tug lawson the tug o war coach of juniors,he was a ranker who retired as a lt col!!!! i didnt even get lance jack haha. :thumleft:
  11. A few: BSM Dave Mahan 54 Bty 25 Fd Regt RA Munsterlager 76/79.

    Gino Turnbull Same. John Laird, John Ferguson. Bdr Bear Holmes. and if to coin the other side and how not to do it!: Gnr/L/Bdr BEAST PIDDOCK

    Vance Glennon 4 Bty AND 31 Bty 47 RA.

    And Lt Matt Harding RIP! and Maj Froggy Clarke BC 31 For believing in me after a minor disagreement with an other??
  12. Brigadier Ken - top man and top top man regimental history-wise.
  13. Not Camel Breath? Did he impress you with his Harrier pilot stories?
  14. No, His idea of shooting the Bty Clerk with a pellet gun fo r his spelling mistakes on Bty orders and drinking to oblivion.
  15. There are a whole bunch but the one's who sit at the forefront are: Mick S and John S, a pair of lunatics that run around 7 and 148 Bty, they were the lads I thought I should try to be like.
    The only reason I met these two is down os to the man listed below, the man who I swore I'd never be like:Major P...BC 137 (92), the biggest bullsh1t loving self important self involved craphat yes man that was ever less deserving of being given command of a body of men.
    He was a bit like a Vogon without charisma.
    That man singularly was responsible for a string of blokes PVR'ing, signing off, volunteering for anything that would get anyone out of his command,
    Took a bunch of happy campers and broke them. :pissedoff: