Most inbred place you have ever been

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by bitterandtwisted, Jan 29, 2012.

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  1. Been a pointy head from the shire and all that. When I go home its good to get the 6 six fingered banjo out and strum with my related family and sings the songs of local meanings.

    However, I would say I am catagorically normal compared to some the places I have been also I have been in the mob over half my life now, so technically I am now as normal as I will get.......

    In my yoof - I applied for my AACC and did my AACC beat up in Okehampton, and fuck me we ventured into the town for a pint.. I shit you not, talk about the music stopping and poeple giving the stare - and saying your not Yocal are ye bey??????????

    The nightclub was a village hall with sisters the size of shot putters and face like a bags of smashed crabs and the potential to have bigger cocks than me.... Frightened and intimidated was the word of the night, fair play to some of my compadres they did the biz and one of the lads bought back the biggest pair of fucking apple catchers I have ever seen. Also complete with nigel mansell handbrake turns in, and the grotty cunt was keeping them as his course trophy........

    So where would you say the weirdest place you have been and felt most intimidated by the yocals.....?????
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  2. I used to live in a little village where everyone else had the same surname - I'm sure I heard banjos one night...
  3. Tristan Da Cunha.

    I win!
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  4. Helston, Cornwall.
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  5. Tennant Ck,NT.

    Nevertire NSW.

    Cunnamulla, QLD.
  6. Fauldhouse, West Lothian.

    Legend has it that a young Fauldhouse lad took his girlfriend home to meet his parents. His dad turns to her and asks "huv ye
    shagged yer grandad yet lass?" She replies 'Naw!'. "Have ye shagged yer dad yet then?" Again the girl replies "Naw!" "Yer Uncle
    then?" "Naw!" "Yer brother, ye must have shagged yer brother!" says the dad becoming exasperated. "I'm tellinye, NAW!" says
    The dad turns to his son and says "Son, get rid of her. If she's no' good enough for her ain family she's no' good enough for ours!"
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  7. Living and working in Plymouth I get to see some real oddities on a daily basis. I will go one step further though - it's not just physical features but whole attitudes as well. I know many people who have never travelled more than 20 miles away from Plymouth, have never been abroad and have no aspirations whatsoever to do so. Why you may ask?..."Because everything I could ever want is in Plymouth".
    In some cases it's possible to tell from which area of Plymouth a janner hails from purely by looks, hairstyle and attitude.

    It can be like "Jeremy Kyle" on acid sometimes.
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  8. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Nuneaton, no actually Bedworth and I can prove it :)

    Roughly 2000 years ago a bunch of hairy arssed blokes invaded these fair Isles bringing with them various things like Pizza and short pointy swords. They also brought with them a strain of thalassemia that is prevalent in northern Italy. It spread into the local population in all of their population centers. As time has gone by and populations have diversified most of the Uk clusters have thinned out so that they no longer register above the average for the rest of Western Europe. Apart from that is Bedworth where a significant thalassemia cluster exists large enough to be used as the basis of a medical research study. The reason it exists is because the fuckers don't move away from the area and are all fucking each others sisters and cousins. And that my learned friends is why Bedworth is the most inbred town in England.
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  9. Anywhere in the Forest of Dean
    A small village (actually a collection of houses) between Mildenhall and Kings Lynn
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  10. Melrose, yarp!
  11. Beenleigh.

    Canberra. May not be inbred, but totally insulated from the outside world.
  12. Sad but true!

    It's sad to watch the Canberra locals in DFAT show their insularity on postings. They just don't have the capacity or inclination to mix either with the locals or the rest of the expat' community.
  13. Great falls - Montana - however I did bum a USAF female officer there - she must have liked my 6th finger for international inbred diplomatic relations. One of the locals thought I was mexican???????
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  14. Burton On Trent. Make sure you lock the door if you're in the ACIO. Stinking backwater shithole, woken up by wailing from the local Mosque.

    Not really intimidating, just crap. Although, they do make beer in very large quantities.
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  15. Can vouch for Cunna-bloody-mulla and Tennant Creek as well. What could you expect of places where the only entertainment is admiring the Earth's curvature?