Most ill informed comments about service personnel

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Danny_Dravot, Jan 4, 2007.

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  1. BBC have your say website!


    Am i seeing things?

    Some of the other drivel on there is making me rage!

    i know i shouldn't rise to it but comments like these make you wonder does jo public have any idea????
  2. Students are worse than soldiers, so even if it were true... :?
  3. Eleanor's post is like the one posted by a teacher earlier - comparing apples with oranges.

    Students can move if they wish; teachers don't pay for their classrooms. All in all, these risible posts point towards falling standards in education, apart from anything else.
  4. I would just like to add here that not all of us students fall under the category of being complete twonks in our attitudes towards soldiers. Even if 'our' accommodation were worse I would expect the majority of students to be smart enough to realise that there is more than a slight difference in what we (students) and soldiers do.

    Personally I feel ashamed to class myself amongst these people at times like this. However it's highly likely the 'degree' they are studying for is Sociology, or Fingerpainting.
  5. 'kin hate sudents, apart from the one or two good blokes I've known who are in the TA and students, or my sister in law who works 30+ hours a week whilst doing her degree.

    Most have never worked a day in their lives and they see the small ammount of work they do (if they actually do it) as a great deal of effort, the ones who do pointless degrees are the biggest tossers, their just putting off getting a job for the next few years so they can lay in bed all day and watch diagnosis murder.

    My own sister is the worst example.
  6. This cnut does not know what he is talking about. Well paid my arrse.

    The retardedness or the general population makes me sick!!
  7. Students worse than soldiers is the correct title.

    A good percentage of students [not all] have difficulty with personal hygiene and their rooms are generally untidy to the point of being dirty.

    When they use toilets around the Uni and get a floater or sinker they leave the supporating thing there for someone else to sort when all they have to do is whack a bucket of water down the pan.

    [I didn't have a bucket handy -- next time use your brains and use a wastepaper basket].

    Some students are so dirty their turds pop out with fungus already growing on them :)

    My own daughter kept herself and her room clean whilst she was doing her degree.

    I went to visit it her one weekend to help her with a section on explosives. I spent a good weekend up there showing her what was what and how to initiate a good reaction with a clothes peg [sound familiar, anyone]. She took top marks for that module and took all the bits out of her pocket for the assessed practical whilst others were dragging car batteries and boxes about.

    She took an eventual first in Forensic Science, then a Masters and now works using the skills she has acquired. No mickey mouse stuff in my household!!

    [John Gaunt put a liberal teacher out of his misery on talksport radio this morning for saying illegal immigrants should get better accomodation than servicemen]. I hate fúcking teachers!
  8. You know the rules.......

    Get it linked.
  9. The part where people don't realise that soldiers have to pay to live in their accomodation\quarters and that they assume that food is free too.
  10. "People only want to join the army because they're the type of person who wants to kill someone"
    Quoted from the bloke I work with in my office.
  11. Here is one :

    "Peter, Liverpool
    Maybe if the army had to pay for their accomodation like everyone else, then there would be money to refurbish the accomodation"

  12. Cheers..........

  13. Kill him.