Most Haunting or Powerful Film Scenes

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Miner, Jul 9, 2013.

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  1. We've all watched films and come across the odd scene that has left it's mark on us for better or worse.
    So this thread is for all those scenes that really made you take a moment to think about either those involved (if a factual film), or something that has happened in your own life.

    My starter for ten, is one of the closing scenes of A Bridge Too Far where the medic 'Taff' starts singing Abide With Me in the grounds of the Hotel Hartenstein surrounded by injured para's, who then all talk up the song. I've always felt it's a moving piece of cinematography that summed up the suffering of those men and the emotional toil it took on them.

    The ending to The Wild Bunch packs a punch as well. Apart from the slow motion violence that was ground breaking at the time, it also for me, a lover of Westerns, was calling time on these old 'cowboys' who'd rather go down fighting than live in the new 'West'.
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  2. That bit in Indiana Jones where a sword wielding ninja maniac just gets slotted with a webley. Puts the hairs on the back of my neck up, that does.
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  3. "Charlie don't surf"
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  4. Opening scene from Saving Private Ryan does tend to sum things up a little in my humble opinion.
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  5. Not filum but TV - the final sequence in 'Blackadder Goes Forth' when they go over the top.

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  6. That bit in the Italian Job when they Crush the Aston Martin DB5 and 2 Jag E Types. "Pretty Car".

    Still brings tears to my eyes.
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  7. Any of the female nudity scenes in Porky's.

    I watched it on a ropey VHS cassette at a mate's gaff at the grand old age of 12. It flicked a switch in my adolescent mind and changed my life for the better.

    Since that fateful skiving off school adventure I have actively tried to ****, fingerbang, lick out, sexually harass and at least flirt with every tidy piece of clout I've ever met.

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  8. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    It was actually a Lancia Flaminia that had been dressed up to look like a DB4, likewise the Miura was a just a shell on a crash damaged chassis. The E Types were pretty ragged second hand ones.

    Edited to add: The actual DB4 that Crocker picks up from the garage still exists, as does the red E type which was restored. The Miura chassis and shell completely disappeared after they were chucked down the ravine. The crew went to find it the following day but it was gone, it's assumed that some Italians mounted a sneaky midnight mission to recover it.
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  9. The closing scene of The Alamo (even thought it's as historically accurate as Mr. Ben) always get me:

  10. I remember watching that the first time as well. I was recording it in the living room, and watching it in my bedroom at the same time. My mum must've turned over the tv in the living room to see what I was recording and seen the nudity, she burst in my bedroom as I was mid-****, turned my tv off, and screamed "You're not watching that filth". Luckily, I managed to cover up the ranging horn I had the time.

    The drawbacks of living in a bungalow, you never get any advance warning of someone storming upstairs. But you do develop Jedi-ninja reflexes.
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  11. The bit in 'Ice Cold In Alex' when the drippy nurse gets riddled ...
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  12. Maverick finally letting go of Goose and hoofing his ID Discs into the oggin' gets me every time.
  13. [video=youtube;HU7Ga7qTLDU][/video]

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  14. The correct response should have been to slowly pull the duvet down a bit until your champ sprang into view and presented itself like a Jack-in-a-box and then licked your finger and running it around the tip of the angry appendage. She'd have been overcome with wild lust and sat on your cock like a 70's child on a space hopper.

    It's true, I saw a documentary on the Xhamster channel about it. It also taught me that slags ******* love it when you smack them repeatedly on the cheek with your member and hold open their **** gape to show a camcorder wielding pal.
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  15. Ronald Coleman as Sidney Carton showing the beastly French an English stiff upper lip just before he gets the chop in "A Tale of Two Cities"

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