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Most gayest songs EVER!

Basically list the most campest, gayest, most inappropiate song you can think of, it has to be something which if you were driving a 4 -tonner and flicked on in a CD the lads would REALLY rip the piss out of you.

I'll start with the Corrs - Breathless :)
Has to be the Village People 'In the Navy'

Gayer than the Gay thing at the bottom of a box of very Gay things.[video=youtube;InBXu-iY7cw]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=InBXu-iY7cw[/video]
I stopped to pick up 4 heavily armed Yank officers in Basra, the half bird Colonel got in the front while his 3 minion Majors got in the back, all body armour and guns. The Colonel says 'Fucking A! Aircon and a fucking CD player, you guys got it easy man!' At that point he presses the 'on' button of the CD player, only for 'American Idiot' by Green Day, to come blaring out at full whack. Try as I did to turn it down using the steering wheel volume control, I still got the 'We're as hard as our Hollywood Protegé's' stare off the Yanks. Not gay but fucking funny

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