Most expensive MP?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by muhandis89, Mar 30, 2009.

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  1. Step forward an ex Army man:

    Most expensive MP

    Eric Joyce (Labour, Falkirk) £187,334 in total.

    Travel, £40,637, including £21,459 for air travel.
  2. Sticking a rocket up his arse might well be a cheaper option......
  3. Cheap at half the price
  4. Labour + sweaty sock = ripping off the UK tax payer. Does that ring a bell?

  5. Gerry Adams didn't spend much of the public purse.
  6. His wikipedia entry makes interesting reading. It appears he called the Army "racist and snobbish" amongst other things and may have been given a safe seat.
  7. Maybe if we stopped the Northern MPs using the English parliament he would not have to travel so much…..

    Fuse lit, stand back !!!
  8. Am I right in my belief that 600 odd people have claimed over £93M in expenses????

    How on earth can that be????

    And people say African politics is out of control.

  9. Yes but £93m is not much these days :wink:
    And they have not 'broken' the rules :x
  10. Its ONLY £155,000 each, whats the problem.

    Sorry, £144,000, silly me.
  11. Put the cnuts on JPA. That way they'll have to bang their Pegs in to the GOC London when they want a claim authorising.
  12. Sort of.

    You need to add in other costs like the subsidised bars and restaurants, free office space (despite their generous office costs allowance), fact finding missions to Hawaii, 300 quid a roll wallpaper, Gorbals Mick's wife's taxi bills etc, etc.

    The total cost then comes to a little over half a billion quid a year. Or nearly a million pounds a year per MP. Pretty expensive for people whose role is to read their (taxpayer funded) Blackberry each morning to find out how their party whips want them to vote.
  13. I say make him a peer, to make him disappear. Sorted.
  14. I think that is quite fair. It's a fecking long drive from Falkirk to Westminster. I think you'll find air travel is cheaper than the train. He also has a good attendance record.

    That's the problem with this expenses row. The fraudulent activities of Smith, McNulty etc. could feck it up for MPs in Scotland and Ulster who have high legitimate expenses.
  15. I'd recommend a cheaper, swifter form of air travel, involving the top of a tall building and a concrete floor. It's environmentally friendly and each journey takes about 5 seconds. All 650 mps could be processed in a morning's work.