Most expensive kit youve ever broken

For me, it was probably between the M901 ITV turret (Improved Tow Vehicle) or HMMV I submerged on ops. (I technically still blame my driver for being too slow through the fording site)

The ITV turret was taken out by a low lying bridge in S. Korea.

So, what's the most expensive thing you've broken?
HMS Coventry!

I win :p
UAV whilst with 32 REG RA, I was an BAT at the time and was just posted in, well they told me it must have been something I done and I'd need to buy everyone a beer at the bar. After I bought a round i discovered the fecking things spent more time nose diving than flying.
It involved being support party team leader in a safeguard (real) fire down an engine room and total overkill on the AFFF we dispensed as it was a bit of an anti-climax when we got down the hatch and the fire was just some machinery that got "a bit hot".

A great foam party was had and we still emerged from the hatch to a heroes welcome!
I think we need someone from the Nottingham or the Red Plum to say a few words, if we can find the correct person. I recall the toys they broke were rather expensive.
wafubustard said:
I think we need someone from the Nottingham or the Red Plum to say a few words, if we can find the correct person. I recall the toys they broke were rather expensive.
Didn't someone drive a submarine onto a rock as well, bet that cost s few bob. Think it might have been a T class boat
A test system for boxs of the old B and tracked versions of Rapier. Took a few months and some waste-of-space bods to get it fixed, somewhere in the tune of 250 grands worth of damage (late 1980s prices)...

Snowy, I'm still sorry! :oops:
I can’t compete here with the big boys when the largest thing I was held responsible for was the writing off of a Land Rover trailer – vehicle commander and all that.

At the other end of the scale;

Scene: 1980, HMS Invincible, officers under training manning the duty boat.
Chief: Midshipman GGG! Where the feck is your fecking boathook ? …er…Sir.
GGG: Chief, if you know where something is, does it count as lost?
Chief: Of course not. Where’s your fecking boathook?
GGG: Loch Goil.
Chief: :pissedoff:

I thought I had a broad vocabulary but it was increased that day.
A platoon commander. Adding up his selection, training, salary, etc. that must have cost a few bob.

In case anyone wants to accuse me of being one of those, "I sparked out me ossifer" bores, it was mentally, not physically.


Sympathetic_Reaction said:
cloudbuster said:
I might have broken a Lynx. Or two.
I'll see your Lynx and raise you a Seaking Mk4
Jolly good show.

If I can add, with a slight drift, I may have destroyed Little Chartres, West Falklands' hopes of becoming an angling venue of renown by writing in big chinagraph letters 'NO FISH HERE' in their guest book in 85.


Came very close to writing off an AWACS at RAF Waddington in the '80's.

The control tower spotted the shovel on the runway that had fallen off the back of my Landrover minutes before - nice low level fly past though..... :oops:
Foden MWD tanker in Bosnia 97. To be fair I was abmonished as technically the chogies hit me (at about 70 mph, in the wet!). I'll post a piccy later. The force of the impact was so great that their car battery was found about 40 meters up the road!
IIRC, the MWD tankers were about 250k a piece. Shame the ABS was disconnected as delivered and for quite a while they were illigal to use on UK roads due to this and other safety concerns. Eventually the whole fleet was driven back to the UK for 'urgent' modifications. There were a few guys lost their lives in those machines (2 on my tour).

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