Most Expensive Dinner Night

Discussion in 'Officers' started by abacus, Aug 18, 2005.

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  1. Excluding the high-jinks evenings involving payment for rather more than the cost of the meal :oops: what is the dearest dinner night bill you've ever had? Just been stung £50 for a bog-standard chicken meal and routine wine and, whilst it was a superb evening, I sincerely hope that the bill is some kind of record.
  2. In 1978 our TA Companies officers held a small formal dinner for the CO in a private room in a local hotel. £80 each in those days, more than a 2Lts weeks pay. Good night though (from what I can remember).
  3. OOOps the venue must of had big windows. They must have seen you all coming for miles!
  4. I've paid over eighty quid for a dinner night. The CO seemed to forget that x mess guests divided by y officers equals fcuk-off mess tabs for everyone. Still it was very much his format for the do. As I recall he was a little stunned by his own fee for that meal but as PMC I happily explained the costs. He also had to pay his bill out of his one, Regular Army salary. For most of the rest of us, it came under the heading of petty (i.e. TA pay) cash!!
  5. Sssslightly off-thread'ish.

    I'm not good on the details, but some Life Guards chappie in times past was being dined in, and he was obliged to purchase an item to enhance the Regimental table silver. Being an arrse he told some other juniors to get him something appropriate in the goblet line. They purchased a 2+ ft high solid silver goblet with very large & ornate handles, which cost him a fortune. Luckily his old man was stinking rich so he learned his lesson at Pater's expense.
  6. Whiffler, nearly right, it was RHG (The Blues), the Marquis of Zetland was the unpopular youg gentleman and the result ..... The Zetland Trophy a HUGE silver creation that looks a little bit like Nelson's column and all the Lions. It is sooo expensive that it does not leave the country.
  7. In my part time Slime days I attended a Regtl Burn's dinner; the combination of Port, Malt and Guinness, coupled with Sheps innards led to the buying of a new carpet and bed for a former "mate" who kindly let me sleep over...(you just can't get port stains out of grey shagpile)
  8. Think of the infantry officer who was riding his motorbike up and down the mess carpet in Warminster at the post PCBC dinner night (1998 ish) - that was a few grand for night's fun. I could think of better things to blow a couple grand on in a least before I got married!
  9. DPM

    DPM Old-Salt

    A gleaming night was had by all, although the carpet only accounted for around £4000 of the £20000 cost. As I remember, someone tried to park a 'saloon' high peformance vehicle at the bar for the Brig but ripped off the patio doors trying to get it in. Had to make do with a mini.

    The Paras got nakeed, someone nicked their clothes, they kicked off, che ching...

    Made the front page of the Torygraph, Page 5 of the Sun, and a special mention from Johnny Vaughn on the Big Breakfast. What a recruiting tool - Saatchi & S eat your heart out.

    The carpet may well have been my fault - I told him he was cr!p at wheelies and he was trying to show me his skills when the rear wheel went a'wizzin.
  10. A certain scottish senior officer by chance?
  11. I remember a 5Bde TA Study day that was followed by a mess do, Pegasus band before and during, CGS designate, and guests a plenty to suitably enhance the reputation of a certain SO1 TA. Of course every officer in the Bde HQ and all the TA officers had to attend so it was a fair old turn out for an average dinner and the expectation was a for a sensible price.

    £84 per head was the damage, guests apparently had some "expenses", and there were rumuours of excutive limos to take guest to and from the function. Funnily enough the following year the dinner was very poorly attended.
  12. Eric strikes again!
  13. DPM

    DPM Old-Salt