Most Evil RSM/SNCO Ever

Who was the nastiest , most vindictive piece of work you had the misfortune of encountering (past or present)? Here's one I was reminded of earlier - no names no packdrill etc .

RSM D G******w , Maidstone - Prior to an RHQ cft one lad announced his bergan had been (genuinely) stolen.The stick went appoplectic and had him bungee his army suitcase to his back and do the course.Tw@t.
Mickey B must be the best ever - unless you got the 'head or gut' question!

It wouldn't be politically correct to mention the worst but there was one war dodger who let another stick do his job (well done Rocky) and came back to try to claim some Glory

Oh and another time one of the Troopy's had to stop the Ops O posting a thundy in the Badge's basher!

Hmm perhaps I may have given away my carefully concealed identity

Perhaps this should be preceded 'allegedly' or should it be in the NAAFI?  ::)
Ahhh the joys of Micky B and Chic C........ Enjoyed every one of the heart stoppers I received ! 1 a day for 2 years (seemed like it at the time) 8O
I remember when M G****** was The Badge @ Maidstone. And as I recall the whole regiment in those days used to carry their kit in suitcases. I thought that Bergans were not at that time issued to Conventional Ground Forces? So why didn't he make the whole regiment march with their suitcases on their backs? Anyway, I thought The Badge was supposed to be evil all the time, to everyone?
"Black Jack" V*****, Sazman of HQ Sqn.,26 Engr. Regt.,Iserlohn.
A thoroughly nasty ba$tard all round!
:evil: :evil:
I remember talking to some LI SNCO's in the early 90's who told me that the RSM of theirs who was killed at Ostend by the IRA was setup by his own guys as he was so bad.
my training SNCO magic wond was a complete nightmare at the time,however i met him a couple of times since and hes a pretty good guy on the whole,also the badge at the time was SSM B******* he reminded me of windsor davis on "it ain`t half hot mum" :lol:
How about "Whispering Death" from 51 Airmobile circa 95.
The man never shouted, but he still scared the sh1t out of most people 8O


I remember the bagde of 5 SQN mid 90's. Those that were there would know!!!
A certain SSM at 21 Sqn EOD in the mid 90's was out of this world, anyone else remember "Punchy Pete" what a twat! 8O
no names but has anyone ever come across a screaming mad Geordie with bugger grips and a taste for guiness? a legend throughout the Corps.

there was also an RSM at Maidstone with a ladies name tattooed on his knuckles, if you screwed up he would ask if you would like to meet her.
To jimieod, yes I remember Punchy, but he did like us IEDD No2 s for some reason.
But can I add to all EOD and 16 Sucide Bods these two names, Ge**F H**royd and Mit*h Mitch*ell as the biggest Cnuts I've ever worked with :x
Jimieod!!! (wonder who that could be, in Oz?! Hmmmm!!! the Gingwa keeps in touch nowadays keeps me up dated with his Rugby & Beer swilling Comps good lad... Hi to D and the 2 L's ; ) Hi Mate... Fully agree with Punchy "Pete" G, remember the time he drove into the Grim at high speed, the guard refused to lift the barrier and he flew out in a rage and grabbed the young sapper by the throat and threw him up against the wall!!! the entire Guard shift hammered the punchy bully! needless to say I think it was shortly after this that the bully ended up being booted out of the Grim... Excellent!!! Great to see some classic names mentioned all of whom have chilled in recent years: Micky B (Freddy Kruger lookalike, but hard as you like, good guy though!) Magic Wand, there's a strange one! green as can be!!!

This ARRSE is most EXCELLENT :p

Anybody had the pleasure of serving with J** R***? What a ******* nightmare!! This is the bloke who stood in a mined area in Bosnia to show the Ardvarck where to fail. The Olympic rower who did sub 730 bfts and gripped you if you couldn't keep up on a tp run. This guy was total arse. You would spend hours doing favours for other nations and then have to work till stupid o clock to finish your own task. Maybe now he's got his mbe he'll calm down. J** R***, a WO1 (he's sp tp comander *****) that is a scary idea. 8O
Br*ce. Tara of The Black Watch - might still be not sure. A scary man we could hear him one time screaming at a couple of the red hackled jocks from about a mile away. I'm not sure what they'd done but he wasn't being friendly. By all accounts he's a tough bugger as well.

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