Most Europeans want immigration ban from Muslim-majority countries

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by onefourbravo, Feb 8, 2017.

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  1. Fly El Al (as I did three weeks ago) and you would know why they don't need to...
  2. That sounds like spin to me.
  3. Never have flown El Al, but I would imagine you would be very foolhardy to try anything on with them. Even getting on to one of their airplanes means (AFAIK) enduring the Spanish Inquisition without the comfy chair or tea and biscuits being offered.
  4. Oh the nice Mossad girl (sorry pre check-in Israeli security officer) at Heathrow was very polite in her interrogation (err chat)...
  5. I guess the same as the 'informal' interviews one encounters when stopped at the checkpoint to entering Ben Gurion airport, and the pre-check-in in the terminal when departing on any airline from Israel.
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  6. In the words of the article statistics are used and extrapolated, complete with statements that there is no reality in the article of any primary school children wearing the hijab, only that specific numbers of primary schools in the areas they looked into online, and a couple of quotes

    But a click bait headline, followed by detailing the how the various statistics have just been extrapolated

    High Muslim / multi ethnic communities in their own statistics had even lower ratios

    Yes hilarious
    Where have I produced statistics as perfectly acceptable proof of any narrative?
  7. Well lets see.
    You haven't but I have therefore 50% of those surveyed do such things.
  8. So statistics are good if they fit your narrative
  9. And complete rubbish if they don't.

    As I said earlier.
  10. All of which has nothing to do with why people of a certain faith might just be viewed askance by certain other nations when trying to enter.

    But possibly that followers of that particular persuasion, have beliefs and practices that seem inimical to commonly accepted norms of peaceful and tolerant humanity.

    And in present and recent past have been responsible for a huge amount of global, mayhem, inconvenience, and cost of security while traveling, let alone the deaths caused while fulfilling a central professed belief of theirs. Global domination.

    Irrational rant...or simple fact?
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  11. Fact, often repeated by their leaders.
  12. And...wearing a bit thin on the peoples, cultures and countries that are accepting them from their own dysfunctional countries.
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