Most Europeans want immigration ban from Muslim-majority countries

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by onefourbravo, Feb 8, 2017.

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  1. Tavor

    Tavor On ROPs

    Not something we used to see alot of in the UK, but sadly it is everywhere now.
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  2. I'll happily go with @Provost 's answer.
    Both can be dangerous but a cult is more likely to be.
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  3. Here’s a typical politician whose head is firmly lodged somewhere that prevents him from seeing, hearing or being able to admit just how disastrously Sweden’s Immigration policies have been.
    'Sweden is doing well' PM insists HOURS before police shot at rioters in Stockholm suburb

    Meanwhile as he insists that everything is going well...
    Meanwhile, Rioting Breaks Out In Sweden | Zero Hedge

    That is what has happened in Europe, and what in all likelihood tipped the Brexit vote the way it did.

    The uncontrolled entry of Muslims and their intolerant, violent, and openly supremacist religion/political creed is a real and present danger to Europe. This quite apart from the overwhelming economic costs which EU leaders have seemed to be completely blind to.
    Merkel’s economic adviser SAVAGES her migrant policy and says it will cost Germany £340BN
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  4. I hope he appreciates the irony of whining about dangerous foreigners coming into his country and killing people while he's sitting in Iraq...
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  5. Especially ones like this.
    Isis suicide bomber is former Guantanamo detainee

    Nice to know where the Labour lefties spent taxpayer money, their crusade to free this ‘innocent man’.

    Meanwhile it appears the EU’s human rights appear to be getting in Muti Merkel’s way. Surprise, surprise.
    TOTAL RETREAT: Merkel begs EU to water down human rights so she can deport MORE migrants.
    Hmmm the EU’s human rights are now being found somewhat strange.

    U-turn Merkel doesn’t seem to know if she...and her immigrant guests, are coming or going. And then EU ‘Tone’ Blair suggests we don’t know what we are doing by wanting to leave the EU disaster zone????

    However it is apparently still unhealthy to air views that uncontrolled immigration causes problems, Peter Springare, a Swedish policeman, recently commented that migrants were overwhelming Sweden's social welfare state and mentioned that during a five-day period this month, he worked on five rapes, three assaults, an attempted murder, blackmail and violence against police with all the suspects foreign-born.

    "Countries which represent all of the week's crimes: Iraq, Iraq, Turkey, Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, Somalia, Syria again, Somalia, unknown country, unknown country, Sweden," Springare said in a post Feb. 3. He now is the subject of an internal police investigation into discrimination.
    Swedish Cop Who Spoke Out About Migrant Crime Now Being Investigated For "Hate Speech" | Zero Hedge

    BBC tonight showed Swedish Minister for Integration stoutly denying anything of the sort, 'crime rates going down down down.’ were her words on UK National television. This is rather short sighted and yet another example of BBC bias?

    The Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention statistics for 2016 however showed the number of reported rapes increased by 13 per cent year on year, to 6,560, and the number of reported sexual assaults increased by 20 per cent. In it’s annual security survey it found that immigrants in Sweden were 2.5 times more likely to commit crimes than Swedish citizens.

    Despite this, the Swedish government continues to dismiss allegations that immigration is to blame for the rise in crime and civil unrest, saying problems are due to ‘alienation', ‘unemployment' and 'problems with housing’.

    The spokesman for the ruling Social Democratic Party, states that ‘the troublemakers are a very small group of individuals that has been challenged by the police and our society — but they are not related to immigration’. Perhaps a rather 'Politically Correct' way to describe a massive failure of integration of the huge numbers on immigrants, principally Muslim, that Sweden has taken in. A big fat lie that more and more Swedes are getting increasingly fed up with having to swallow.

    And another reason that perhaps why Britain wants out of the EU and it’s policies.
    What democracy? Dutch voters BETRAYED as EU rubber stamps visa-free access for Ukraine

    As for the French mess with their immigrants...they let them in...but feel we should pay.
    'Pay up Britain' Le Pen rival Emmanuel Macron hints UK should pay for migrants in FRANCE
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  6. Today it seems that the Swedish Minister may have got it wrong.
    Swedish minister admits sex attack INCREASE just days after claiming incidents had fallen.

    ...and Trump may have had a point.

    But hey ho why let facts get in the way when the Beeb was trying to make their point.
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  7. The disgusting lying bitch needs a one way ticket to Mogadishu.
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  8. I would make her a "comfort woman" so she can service those immigrants that have 'sexual emergencies'. At least that way a few innocent Swedish women and girls would be spared the ordeal.

    Those that govern and control are never subjected to the crimes caused by their mad policies. It's the plebs that suffer.
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  9. Was he guilty of any "terror related" offences prior to being lifted by the Yanks? Was it his time in Gitmo that radicalised him?
    It was mentioned last week that paying him off suited the UK more than any potentially revelations if his case came to trial.
  10. Difficult to say. Ronald Fiddler/Jamal Al-Harith was apparently accused of being probably involved in a terrorist attack against the United States. Officials stating he had traveled to the Middle East extensively from 1992 to 1996, including with Abu Bakr, an al-Qaeda operative, also to Sudan in 1992, at the time when Osama Bin Laden’s network was active there.

    He is reported to have told interrogators he had attended a particular school in Sudan, but according to the US DOD the school did not exist. The only information they could find on foreigners going to Khartoum for Islamic studies, the majority of individuals were being recruited for training in sabotage, kidnapping, improvised explosive devices and commando training.

    According to British Embassy personnel at the Surpozza Prison when five political prisoners were released, Jamal Al-Harith was indicated as the leader and further stated that he had been evasive and not co-operative towards Embassy personnel having sent a request to the British Embassy through the Red Cross, to get him out of Afghanistan. He told soldiers he had never been to Saudi Arabia, but told other detainees he had been to Saudi Arabia. Deemed a high threat he was considered an al-Qaeda fighter by the DOD and though many others were released he was detained.

    His sister claimed that despite the compensation he had struggled to find a job in the UK and why he had joined ISIS. His wife and children joined him there. There appears to be no real confirmation that he had been killed in the car bomb attack.
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  11. Tavor

    Tavor On ROPs

    New ban, not on people, but on flying to the UK with laptops, tablets and other tech from Muslim majority countries - Electronic devices ban on some UK-bound flights

    The US is taking similar measures - US bans laptops, iPads in carry-on bags from airports in 8 Islamic countries due to bomb fears

    Yet again travel is being spoilt for us all thanks to those who put us in danger because of their devotion to Islam and eventually no doubt all electronics larger than a smartphone will be banned on all flights thanks to the threat posed by followers of this insidious religion.
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  12. But a smartphone, what with the incidence of batteries exploding (Yes hello Samsung hiding in the corner)

    Why allow smart phones at all ?
  13. Tavor

    Tavor On ROPs

    Why stop at smartphones? Banning the people who own them but wish us harm because of their religion would be the preferred option, so the rest of us can enjoy travel like we used to before the threat of Islamic terror changed things for all of us.

    Sadly the liberal Left have a problem with this, so we all suffer at their expense instead.

    As someone involved in the circuit and working overseas in some of the countries affected by this latest travel ban, I am growing very weary of the changes we all have to make to our lives at home, overseas and now travelling because of those who are intent on harming us because of their religion.
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  14. Purple_Flash

    Purple_Flash LE Moderator

    The answer is obvious, surely. No smart technology, so we all bring wholesome reading in paper form on board with us. Something long and not too easy to read so that we guess the ending. Something that makes us think. The Qu'ran.
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