Most Europeans want immigration ban from Muslim-majority countries

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by onefourbravo, Feb 8, 2017.

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  1. mercurydancer

    mercurydancer LE Book Reviewer

    Much truth in that. Some of the US "christian" set ups are huge money making enterprises. I have little doubt that some charitable Islamic set ups enrich the faithful. Equally for almost any religion.

    We get our life values from many sources. Religion, including Islam and Hinduism, have been a source of my values.

    The dividing line is law. Sharia law does have a place in UK, but it is limited. As a dispute resolution mechanism between muslims it is fine, but to take it further and to impose Sharia law areas is too much.

    With many immigrants, their cultural values clash very markedly with UK law, and frankly, the UK law has been very very tolerant to the point of unfairness to accept these values. I do hope that there is a turning point where the racism card is not a trump (no pun intended) card and that some kind of normalcy applied to the law, no matter who, what religion or what skin colour. Equality is equality.

    As a guideline, I have seen very few real asylum seekers, but shed loads of economic migrants. They are far from being the same.
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  2. We can never look to the Anglican church as any sort of a bulwark.

    Anglicans come a step closer to gay marriages in church after vote rejects controversial report

    It's probably fair to say that I have nothing but contempt for the Anglican church. I have never had much reason to accept any of its tenets. It seems that neither does the Anglican church. It will happily abandon its scriptural basis for no other reason than to stay in fashion. It will do exactly the same in the case of Islam.

    They exist, as far as I can see, for little more reason than an excuse to dress up in strange clothing.

    If you are a secularist, never look to the Anglican faith as an ally. They have absolutely no clue what they, themselves, believe in. They are a collection of pederasts and social misfits. It is still a matter of some wonder to them why their churches are empty.
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  3. shibusa2

    shibusa2 On ROPs

    I'm going to assume you'll recognise the Biblical references I'll be making.

    What you're describing is climbing the tree of knowledge and making the human intellect our god. We're wholly inadequate to the task; we're not smart enough or knowledgeable enough to figure things out on our own. Only if we have the mind of Christ, i.e. an intellect illumined by the Holy Spirit can we make any progress.

    We are in a war all right and Paul understood this so very well. The New Testament is full of military images and its not simply because it was written during the time of a military empire. Timothy makes it clear Christians are soldiers on active duty. What is also interesting is the greatest, and I mean the greatest, compliment Christ paid another human being was to a soldier and a Roman soldier at that. They were not fluffy bunnies and of a different mould than their modern counterparts. What was it about Christ that only a soldier could understand? That encounter in the New Testament is worth pondering deeply.

    The war you see down here is a reflection of what is going on in the spiritual realms. Peel the layers off the Nazis, radical Islam, Khmer Rouge, Communism, North Korea, ISIS, the Inquisition and all other similar outbreaks of madness in history and you'll find the same entity with the same MO: oppression, brutality, killing and hate. Don't let the masks fool you, its the same advesary who hates God and hates anything that carries his image.
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  4. shibusa2

    shibusa2 On ROPs

    The CoE is a three ringed circus.
  5. My dad had a Ford Anglican, on a cold frosty morning I often heard him outside praying for it to start " for Christ's sake".
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  6. It wouldn't be a Ford Anglican, then. The Anglicans have no clue what they believe in.
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  7. Why? You think she'll go "OMG!!! Nearly 500 people on the internet want me to go to a refugee camp. I must obey at once"

    I bet you signed one of the trump ones too, didn't you?
  8. Utter, utter horseshit.
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  9. shibusa2

    shibusa2 On ROPs

    No, it's a tesseract.
  10. No, it isn't.
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  11. Don't worry, God will forgive you.
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  12. Yes I hate religion...bang me up for being honest. It has nothing to do with racism or my multiple personality disorders=(. My hatred is based upon observation and the performance of all religions. Historically they have not done well over the centuries, systematic abuse of children's minds, the conflict and confusion caused, all without a jot of tangible evidence to support any of it. There are no examples of good things about religion that make up for the bad stuff...Good things are possible without faith in goblins and being deluded is wrong no matter how it is wheeled out.

    Islam is the best example of a religion gone wild but they have all been destructive throughout history. Mosques and churches cannot be justified from any rational perspective, they are places where mumbo jumbo is practised against reason. Far better to pull them down and build places of education or hospitals.
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  13. You are seriously deluded and this is not the topic to deconstruct your irrational post. Islam is a mind disease, a common opinion based upon the way it works and the harm involved. Which is why we don't want them invading UK in huge numbers...period.
  14. The Holy Lamp Post God is a jealous god. He must be regularly appeased by blood sacrifice. Cheap service station flowers, not so much.
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  15. shibusa2

    shibusa2 On ROPs

    Hmmmmm. Of course you have the option of deconstructing my comments in the Bible thread. I was curious how much you knew your Bible and what you were actually taught.

    When it comes to Islam I agree with you but for difference reasons. If you cannot compute the spiritual dimension of it then I would say Islam is at it's core a political ideology which brings with it different cultural values. We are setting ourselves up for problems by allowing a large influx of refugees. It's such a no brainer I'm surprised governments can't see this.

    In your post above I believe "hate" is the operative word. You can't hate an idea because it's abstract but only people who have hurt you. If you cannot recognise the spiritual impetus behind people (for good or bad regardless of what they profess outwardly) then you're stuck with the same arguments that never seem to solve any problems or bring any personal relief.
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