Most erotic Mainstream Movie Moment

Forget about what's available porn wise- what is the most erotic mainstream movie moment? I'm not a fan of Tarantino but Salma Hayak in From Dusk to Dawn has to be in the top three. I love the jaw dropping expressions and can empathize. I wonder how much her bikini bottoms could sell for on e-bay?
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That bit where the two dogs stare into each others eyes and suck on the spagetti in the spag bol, little realising that each was sucking on the ends of a single strand of spagetti. They eventually suck the spagetti so much that they end up kissing. Then she blushes at the slightly embarrassing moment - epic

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I knew I had a picture of it somewhere....

It was quite erotic for the day
In the tent with the two cowboys and he's smashing that guys arse right in and you know he didn't even spit on his nob first and his face is a mixture of pain and ecstasy.

Broke back mountain. Awesome

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