Most Embarrassing Thing Youve Been Caught Doing Alone

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Chalky, Aug 24, 2006.

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  1. Mine would have to be part-imitating the leotard clad eighties tarts from the video of Call On Me by Eric Prydz on my living room floor by my flatmate who, in fairness, waited a full 10 seconds before collapsing in horror/shock/disbelief/fart-inducing laughter.

    Those of you that know me can let that image linger for a little longer.

    In my defence, I was just trying to see if I could bend that way...

    So, wanking aside, any more?
  2. What about coming in off the piss, leathered, porn video playing on the telly, and a couple of your roommates walk in and find you asleep with your flaccid c*ck in your hand? Happened to a mate of mine once, ahem.....
  3. On a satellite TV installation last year, I took a giant shit in a customer's bathroom that refused to flush.

    Her thirteen year old daughter walked into the bathroom to find me wrapping 'most' of the offending turd into a towel that I was about to steal.

    She trumpeted like a rogue elephant and I quickly made my excuses and left.

    I waited and waited to be reported, but nothing ever came of it.

    I dumped the brown shark and towel in Nunhead, where it has since become a respectable member of the local community.
  4. Imitating the intro of Robocop
  5. I always find myself singing anddancing to really camp, cheesy music (for example Scissor Sisters).

    I can't help it, I just have these urges. I'm not gay (honest guvn'r).

    What compounds this is my ability to sing/dance like an epileptic elephant.
  6. watching england play portugal w cup 06
  7. Checking out my biceps in the sectioned off mirrored bit in the gym.
  8. I gut cooght vurkeeng oonce-a.
  9. Just now, having a crafty W**k thought the room was locked and my mate barged in good job he knocked first :oops:
  10. that sounds serious, get ur ass down to the sick bay, and get some help, [ scissor sisters] give me strength, should ave been arrested for f-cking up "comfortably numb". get some "zep,sabbath,purple" that ll sort you out.

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  11. Ahh my taste in music is eclectic - I got myself to Download festival for some *real* music as well. Just because I can't dance doesnt mean I can't mosh!! :headbang:
  12. Good man. Optimism is the key.
  13. I know you said w**k*ng aside so I don't know if this counts but a friend of mine and I do mean a friend, there's no way your pinning this on me got caught mid deed with a finger up his arse.
  14. Once walked in on a ' dinking buddy', who was going to help me work on my car, while he was ..' folding some laundry ' while wearing his wife's ' foundation garments '...

    does that count?
  15. I got caught by Mrs Big Dick in the garden with a marrow, still in its grow bag, shoved up my arrse whilst performing cunnilingus on her sister, with her mother sucking hard on my swollen d*ck.

    ....or was it a dream ? Bed was wet afterwards anyway....