Most embarrassing Fart - Fart stories here please

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rajaz, Sep 16, 2004.

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  1. Following on from previous post.


    Come on, let's hear some ripp-roaring fart stories.
  2. I would say the most embarrassing fart is our Tony Blair :wink:
  3. Interesting. True.

    But, as TB would say, Not On Message.
  4. My wife wouldn't fart in front of me for ages after we got married.

    Then, after a turbulent night in the underpant area, she let it be known to the World that men didn't hold a monopoly in the noxious smells department.

    I must say I was quite impressed.
    Almost as good as my Theakstones Old Peculiar-Curry Combo!
  5. My (female) dog has just farted: does that count? Not really embarassing but it smells fecking horrible.
  6. This is a ficticious lie that women do not secretary that is sitting about 4 foot infront of me clearly has WMD in her drawers bloody awful and she is a Ginger....yuck :x
  7. I posted this a while back in another thread... just reread it and im sat here grining like a mong...... so proud :lol:

  8. Oh yes they do :twisted:

    Their favourite trick is to nonchalantly drop their guts at crowded parties/nightclubs and just as the vapour has risen up enough to start dissolving nasal hair everyone looks at you as if you have just opened a 10 year old tin of kit e kat
    :oops: 8O
  9. Or, as my mates missus used to do, fart and blame the dog!
  10. total rubbish , i've been out with birds whose farts smelt like neat sh*t.

    they just dont seem to take the same self satisfied "i did that" pride that blokes do...... not in public anyway.
  11. It's good that this thread is restricted to the girls! I (and probably all of the other guys in here) can't remember ever being embarrased by a fart!! :lol:
  12. As I switched the alarm clock off this morning, I rolled over to Mrs Skjold And asked"How do you feel this morning" to which she replied "Thrrrpppp, better now thank you"
  13. bloody hell that sounds like mine!!!!
    are you sure you're not me?
    i don't think im you?
    feck, im confused now...time for beer to pondor this :p
  14. If your beer costs £6 a pint then, your me.
    If your car had frost on it this morning, your me.
    If your Mrs Skjold has just scared the dog with another "thrrrrpppp" then, im off. :D