Most Disgusting Thoughts?

I'm bored and off to work in a minute to become more bored.

When I get home at about 9p.m. please have left me 100s of posts on your most digusting thoughts ever. :twisted: This might unbore me. Thanks.



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That's not disgusting at all, but quite a pleasant thought. And ambition.
Thinking about the state of the vast majority of the WRAC's I can remember, the image of 100 of them naked is quite a disgusting thought.

I once wondered if you reach orgasm by way of heart that I mean inject a girl with adrenalin so her hearts beating faster than a horny retard, and use a bayonet to split the birds ribs open pierce her heart, and quickly slip your throbbing member inside her and reach an orgasm before she croaks it???

It's a fair question.
I once Wnaked to the rape scene in The Hills have eyes 2 :twisted:
How about me filling a bucket full my spaff and then you lot drinking it. I win. Do get I £5? :twisted:


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I want to go down on a NAAFI girl.

zubrzycki said:
I once Wnaked to the rape scene in The Hills have eyes 2 :twisted:
No wonder you created a new user name to tell us that one :cry:

As for the rest, I believe we still have the right to silence and no way I'm going to incriminate myself voluntarily!


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I want to tag team dale and bigbird. Again
Don't they normally?
Rubbing my cold discharge into the eyes of a crying fat bird. Don't know why. It's just an image that has haunted me for a while.

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