Most depraved individual?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Peter Dwo, May 9, 2011.

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  1. Who was the most depraved deviant you ever served with?

    What was their peccadillo?
  2. He was a Scotsman that used to love to fuck a rancid road kill goats cunt whilst getting felched by a blind black midget amputee, all this whilst his sister would sit there jabbing at herself with a family sized haggis wrist deep in their mothers arse.
    Lovely fella but had a penchant for wearing tartan trews and waving a yellow rag with a boxing cat on it.
    Fuck off Dow!
  3. Maaaaaaaaaaaaaate!

    Come on, I have done the following:
    decided I love the Royal family.
    have got a job in the local haggis factory

    Whats ya problem FFS ya wowser!
  4. If you can feed your Troll why can't I feed mine?
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  5. G'day Bruce
  6. G'day mate

    How ya going?
  7. What's the go with this Dwo bloke?
  8. Took me a while to twig that they are probably one and the same, fill yer boots.
  9. What's the matter with you, chicken strangler?
  10. Looks like Rather Worried might be a Peter Dow walt.
  11. Ah you've sprung me!

    I was wondering how many roots those red strides would get me!

    Dog save the Queen!