Most depraved arrser?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by crabby, May 25, 2006.

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  1. MDN

  2. Dale the snail

  3. Aunty Stella

  4. Birdy

  5. Convoy_cock

  6. Fish-head

  7. Bernoulli

  8. Filthyphil

  1. So many to choose from? Where to start? My apologies for leaving any out...

    MDN encourages a fellow arrser to fiddle with his own son; "If he is thirteen I'd fist him........ gently at first massaging his scrotum with your free hand just as he is about to bolt, touch the base of his spine and warn him to stay clear of the phone before making him lick your hand clean..... for yoru own enjoyment, continue to fondle his hairless bag"

    Dale - Sorry pet, but "dale the snail?"

    Aunty Stella
    for this little gem; "The combination of Harry Monk and sweaty arse juice taste was too much to bear and I bolted down the stairs, one hand over c0ck and one hand over mouth in a mad dash to get to the bathroom with Mrs AS following closely behind laughing like a Hyena at the dentists to be confronted by all three of my kids sitting in the rear lounge playing the X Box wondering what the hell their naked daddy was doing running through the lounge like a startled gazelle.

    "Whats the matter daddy" says the 8 year old.

    I really, really hadn't got the heart to tell him that I had just managed to cum in my own mouth "

    Birdy For doing the deed with a hobo hobo

    For actively encouraging STDs stds

    Fish-head For crap in a cup crap in a cup

    Bernoulli For necrophillia necrophillia

    Filthyphil Not enough time to remember and find all of them... this will have to do "n the same way as a Downes syndrome carer might give one of their benighted charges the odd seruptitious hand shandy to calm it down to better facillitate an uninterrupted outing to the shops"

    Have I missed any? If so I do apologise. Not yet sure whether this is a competition with a prize or something to be ashamed of... VOTE AWAY
  2. Is there a name missing Crabby :?: :D :D
  3. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. ARRSE Cyclists and Triathletes

    How about you, Crabby? You've already coughed to showering in front of schoolkids.

    Edit: Bugger! Beaten to it.
  4. crabby I'm naked, and you can see all these sweet kiddies playing in the playground.

    Sick, sick fuck.
  5. Alright, maybe I haven't had enough time on Arrse to get full on depraved, but you could at least have put me near the bottom of the list.

    I mean come on Crabby, did you even see this?

    Thanks a lot Crabby, I've been forced to vote for meself when I'm not even on the list, I'm in a foul mood. This isn't depreavity it's just down-right degrading.

    I'm going to have to find a dead ginger kid to skull fcuk now just to get rid of the tension. I might not even wash my hands afterwards.
  6. I’ll second that, the dirty little perve :D

  7. I'd vote for you, just to make you feel better...... :roll:

  8. Well....If I knew I might get my name in lights I would have done a few more down and outs. :D
    I think MDN should get it to be honest the depraved sick feck, Good Luck MDN :D
  9. Is there going to be a "Live Voting" thingy like the Eurovision Song Contest? Can people text their answers?
  10. I vote Crabby with his naked shower and kids playground plus his dreams of molesting 5.56 mm.
  11. Perhaps the Arrsers listed would like to present evidence/stories/lies about themselves/each other in an attempt to avoid/become crowned "most depraved arrser 2006"

    Will there be a medal to indicate this like Mr arrse and Miss Arrse competition?
  12. Well keep it under you hat Phantom, but the word on the street is that MDN has really been branching out with his sexual activities. I have it on good authority (i.e from me) that MDN now routinely loiters outside old-folks homes, and waits for any to venture outside, and asks them if they want to 'Make a quick buck?'. From what I gather MDN has got so very depraved these days that the only thing that can get him sexually aroused is shoving a 85 year old lady's head up his arrse. I believe he hopes that their false teeth will become lodged up there.
    What's even worse is that he doesn't actually pay them, he just kicks them in the hip and runs.
  13. ummmm... no? :oops:

    Oh come on, flashy's worse than me and he's not on the list. Sorry I forgot you goku.